The construction process can be complicated, as it calls for attention to detail as well as excellent coordination between various teams and stakeholders. Augmented reality (AR) has evolved as a powerful technology in recent years, and is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry.

AR helps improve construction efficiency by giving teams a precise, detailed, and interactive perspective of the project site. XYZ Reality, a company that focuses on engineering grade AR in construction, is at the forefront of this technological revolution.

In this article, we will examine how the set of augmented reality solutions provided by XYZ Reality may assist construction teams in streamlining their workflows, increasing transparency, and reducing the number of errors and the amount of rework required.

The Atom™

The Atom™, which is considered to be the company’s primary product, is a highly effective and tailor-made engineering device that combines augmented reality displays, a construction safety headset, and in-built processing capacity.

With the help of the Atom™, construction teams are able to view holograms of 3D design models and position those holograms with millimeter-level accuracy directly on the job site. They do this by employing a fixed-based coordinate system that allows them to anchor the models in the precise position for which they were designed.

Yet, the Atom™ is only one of many solutions XYZ Reality offers to improve the productivity of building projects.

Improving site visibility with the XYZ BIM

One of the key challenges in the construction industry is making sure that all of the teams have access to site information that is correct and up-to-date. Growing technologies are looking to improve this.

XYZ BIM is a robust platform that is hosted in the cloud and provides users with the ability to generate, visualize, validate, allocate, and manage issues on the BIM viewer. This enables teams to easily manage construction workflows and bring their site teams together, which in turn enables greater visibility of construction projects from any location.

With XYZ BIM, teams can immediately load and visualize BIM, allowing them to spend more time focusing on the activities that truly matter. By syncing inspection data straight from the field into XYZ BIM, they can also close the communication gap between the office and the site.

They are able to make inspection requests, review issue data directly in the model, and exchange information with onsite personnel in a seamless manner.

In addition, XYZ BIM enables teams to visually analyze all layers of the federated model at an unrivaled speed while also locating BIM in the field with an accuracy of millimeters and proactively evaluating and confirming work using the Atom™.

Because of this, workflow is more effective and accurate, which, in turn, reduces the potential for errors and additional labor.

Enhancing productivity through the use of the XYZ Platform

XYZ Platform, a powerful platform that accelerates the quality of insights gained across the whole build lifecycle, is at the heart of XYZ Reality’s solutions. The capability of the XYZ Platform to bring together different project teams under a single source of information for the purpose of facilitating site-wide cooperation is one of its most important advantages.

This makes it possible to have a more streamlined workflow with a two-way data flow between the XYZ Platform and the Autodesk Construction Cloud. Additionally, you can plug your model and BIM data into the XYZ Platform in order to deliver the highest quality build on time while preserving your profits.

The XYZ Platform enables teams to improve their level of transparency and guarantee that they are making use of the most up-to-date information possible. By leveraging innovative communication and collaboration tools, they are able to keep track of everything that is going on at their construction site at all times and guarantee the successful completion of the project.

They can also monitor, track, and manage tasks across their project teams from the field or office, with XYZ Field Engineers handling the integration of XYZ Platform into their existing workflows and processes. Field engineers are personnel responsible for helping construction teams succeed.

Integrated support for Autodesk Construction Cloud

An additional perk of XYZ Reality’s products is their seamless compatibility with Autodesk Construction Cloud. By integrating the Atom™ with the rest of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, teams can reap the advantages of the system’s engineering-grade capabilities in the field.

Having the two platforms integrated allows for smooth data sharing between onsite and office personnel, ensuring that everyone has access to the most recent information at all times. By letting users tag particular areas with jobs and problems, Autodesk BIM 360’s reach is broadened to include the whole construction site.

Teams may also use Navisworks to report problems they have found in the field so that those problems can be analyzed in the context of the whole project. Moreover, the model may be exported, real-time progress can be monitored, and construction tasks and inspections can be shown inside the model itself.

XYZ Reality’s solutions enable construction teams to work more efficiently and effectively by connecting with Autodesk Construction Cloud. This lowers the danger of costly errors and delays, and it increases the likelihood that projects will be finished on time and without exceeding their allotted budget.

Boost your company efficiency with AR technology

The construction industry is rapidly developing and using technology to improve processes. The application of augmented reality technology is paving the way for greater efficiency, transparency, and accuracy in the construction business.

XYZ Reality is one of the many companies at the forefront of this shift, offering construction teams a suite of unique augmented reality technologies that assist in expediting workflows, boosting transparency, and reducing errors and rework.

With AR technology, construction teams can enjoy seamless team collaboration and streamlined workflows. Better technology increases the likelihood that projects will be finished on time and within the set budget.

In short, construction teams can stay ahead of the curve and achieve better results for their clients and stakeholders by embracing the innovative up-and-coming solutions in the industry today.