Health and safety risks are present within all types of industries, but the construction industry is more prone to accidents than most.

According to these recent statistics, one in five worker deaths are construction-related, and one in every ten construction workers are injured each year. These are facts that nobody in the construction industry should ignore, and if you are working in this field, you should do all you can to put safety first in your business.

Here are just some of the things you can do for the protection of your workers.

#1: Make sure everybody has the right protective gear

In an effort to cut costs, you might rely on older pieces of protective gear for your employees, but this is a mistake. If anything is old and worn, these pieces should be relegated to the trash, as your workers need gear that is fit for purposes. You need to get your construction budgeting in order, as this will give you the ability to buy the protective attire your employees need. These will include hi-vis jackets, safety goggles, ear protection, and helmets. You should also remind your workers to wear these items when engaged in those jobs that are hazardous to their health.

#2: Inspect equipment regularly

You should inspect equipment on a regular basis, as the pieces you use could cause an injury or a fatality if they are defective in any way. In some cases, you might need to replace anything that is no longer safe to use. In other cases, you might need to pay for repairs or use precision grinding services to maintain the performance of your equipment. Make sure your workers know who to report to when they spot signs of damage, and take action sooner rather than later when concerns are raised.

#3: Invest in training

Trained workers are safe and effective workers, so don’t skimp on this important part of your business.

Every worker should have health and safety training under their belt, regardless of the environments that they are tasked to work in. Competence is key in construction, as each person needs to understand the risks involved, and how to minimize them.

Your employees need to have first aid training too. While you should always have people on hand to help in an emergency anyway, it is still beneficial to give each employee the training they need. When everybody is skilled in life-saving techniques, there will be a reduced chance of a fatality.

When new pieces of equipment are brought in, you should also make sure the people using them are trained to use them. It might also be in your best interests to train everybody, as you might need to rely on a substitute worker if another is away for any reason.

These are just some aspects of training that need to be in place, but be alert to any specific courses that are recommended in your industry.

By putting safety first in your construction business, you will protect the lives of your employees. You will also secure your reputation if no injuries are caused, and you won’t suffer downtime because employees have been forced out of work. In short: When you put safety first, you put the needs of your business first too!