Smart technology is on the rise, with homes becoming increasingly advanced across the world.

New build homes across the globe tend to have more technology implemented than ever before and the higher-spec builds are boasting some impressive appliances and installations which are in tune with 21st-century living.

Whether it is energy-saving, timesaving or just a lifestyle option, smart technology is finding its way into every home, not just new builds. You can add to your existing property via a remodeling program to make it ‘smarter’.

Here are a few of the smart home trends from around the world you can implement into your existing property.

Smart Bathrooms

One area of the home you can look to remodel swiftly is the bathroom. A Forbes article revealed that it is one of the most effective ways for US homeowners to add value to a property. So by remodeling it to incorporate smart technology, you’ll also be increasing potential yield should you decide to sell.

The obvious installation is a smart shower; they’re able to monitor water temperature and the amount of time you spend in them to efficiently manage water and energy resources. That’s not the extent of the bathroom technology you can use though, smart toilets are also on the rise. In some parts of the world, notably Japan, toilets have a range of tech options including heated seats, soothing music and water-saving functions too.

Smart Boilers

UK homeowners are seeing a rise in the use of smart boilers, something equally as applicable to the colder US states. Changing your boiler is another remodeling task that you can perform to bring smart technology into your home, just as many UK homeowners are doing. Building’s David Ludlow reports that this switch to smart heating is helping UK homeowners save up to 19% on their heating bills. The benefits are twofold, not only are they bringing in the latest boiler technology to make their homes more sustainable and energy-efficient but in many cases are replacing older and tired installations.

This drive to incorporate smart technology is leading many homeowners to consider changing their old heating systems. This is why the British company HomeServe is recommending that homeowners get their existing boiler checked to see if it needs updating. If it does, then it presents the perfect opportunity to bring in a smart boiler. They can monitor the temperature of your home and self-adjust accordingly, ensuring a perfect balance between energy-usage and comfort. You can also control them remotely via a mobile device, so if your meeting lasts a bit longer than it should, you can delay your heating coming on, saving money in the process.

Smart Kitchen

A smart kitchen remodel might just be the easiest of the lot to perform, because in some instances it is merely a case of bringing in a new appliance. In Australia, smart kitchens are becoming popular remodeling projects as the technology evolves. You can check excellent real estate options at BMA Homes.

Senior brand manager of Harvey Norman, Gary Brown noted that “the major appliance makers all focus their research and development spend on delivering new functions you need in appliances before you even realize you need them.” This follows the trend where it is predicted that the average Australian home will have 39 connected devices by 2022.

If your current appliances are built-in you may need new units, but a freestanding appliance can be implemented with truly little fuss.

There is a huge range of smart appliances available to you. Toms Guide reveals that a smart refrigerator can track what groceries you need, tell you if the door has been left open and even track expiry dates on some products. Check more tips on making your home a smart home at Wired Smart.

You might want to focus on energy-saving remodeling and, if so, then a smart washing machine or dishwasher might be for you. Not only can they manage water temperature and know the optimum times to come on, but they can even send you messages on your mobile device telling you when the detergent is running out, or if their filters need cleaning!

These are just a few ways you can look to add smart technology to your home in 2020. If you found the topic of smart remodeling interesting, you might also like our article titled Smart Buildings: What they are, Benefits and Future Prospects which examines the subject further. For more information, all modern building topics visit us at S3DA Design.