During the COVID-19 crisis, millions of people around the world have become unemployed. This devastating crisis has thrown our economy into disarray, making it even harder to get a job. Now more than ever, construction workers and structural engineers are having to find new ways to stand out and be noticed by potential employers – be it a company or a private homeowner. If you work in construction and want to be successful in home renovation, read on to find out how to stand out.

Employers and homeowners want the best person for the job – period. However, as a potential employee, there are ways to come across as the most personable, dedicated person for the job. It is likely there will be others who have similar qualifications and experience to you; the difference will be your unique approach and memorable qualities.

On Paper

The first stage of any job application is on paper or online. You usually cannot meet your potential employer and show them how nice and interesting you are until the next stage; you have to make this clear through your resumé and application letter. How do you do this?  There are a couple of ways.

  • Clear layout. If your resumé is laid out in a difficult-to-read way, it will likely be placed at the bottom of the heap. Make it simple, no more than two pages, and present your qualifications in a direct way.
  • Be easily reachable. Make sure your contact details are in bold at the top of the page; email and phone number. If the interviewer has to search for them, the chances are you won’t hear from them at all.
  • Be qualified. Of course the simplest way to beat the competition is to be well trained and well qualified. Being qualified to work at heights, for example, will stand out well to construction or contracting company.

Interview Skills

If you go to a construction job interview, unfortunately having great qualifications and experience won’t cut the mustard anymore. You have to be memorable, interesting, and confident to be offered the position. If you are fantastic at your job but lack people skills, now is the time to work on this. Structural engineering requires you to work in a team of people, so coming off as a team player who is a people-person will help you be noticed.

Some ways to be a memorable candidate in an interview are:

  • Bring a notepad and make notes. This is not overkill, and proves you are interested in what the interviewer is saying. It also displays organizational skills and detail-orientation.
  • Prepare at least two questions for your interviewer. They want to see you are interested in the role; if you have nothing to ask, it might seem like you aren’t bothered or don’t have anything to say.
  • Maintain strong eye contact and good posture. Body language is important. Even subconsciously, your interviewer will be impressed if you hold their gaze and sit confidently and upbright. Confidence is key in any interview.