Finding a property that could be your dream home right away isn’t always realistic. While some places might seem perfect as soon as you view them for the first time, sometimes you have to be able to see the potential they might have. When you’re able to identify properties that have room for growth, you could have better luck finding something that could be your perfect home. There’s always the option to renovate and to add onto a home so that it delivers everything you’re looking for, even if it’s not ideal just yet. But how can you find these properties?

Look at the Total Land

If you’re planning to make major alterations to a property, it’s not just the building itself you should be concerned about. You’ll also want to assess the total land area and the potential it could offer. Maybe there’s an opportunity to expand the size of the home or even add extra buildings. You might be looking for space for a swimming pool, garage, garden, or plenty of landscaping. Or perhaps you’re even considering the merits of knocking down the existing property and building something new. You need to know how much land you have to work with.

Evaluate the Local Area

The location of a property has a huge impact on its potential. Is it going to offer you the local amenities and conveniences you’re looking for? How does the location affect the value of the home? And will anything be changing in the near future? When you’re browsing homes for sale, location can be a lot more important than anything else. It’s the one thing that you definitely can’t change, so you should make it a priority when looking for the right property. It’s important to do your research not just about the area as it is now but also where it’s going and what it might look like in a few years.

Focus on Style and Layout

If you’re planning to keep and renovate the existing property, you’ll want to take a good look at the style and layout. While you can carry out some major renovations, you won’t be altering the overall style of the building. The internal layout can be changed somewhat too, but there are still limits to what can be changed. So you’ll want something that you’re reasonably happy with, whether it’s a cozy cottage, a ranch-style home, or a 19th-century manor.

Picture Future Possibilities

You need to be able to visualize what a property could look like if you want to identify something that has plenty of potential. If you can’t look past its current state, it may be difficult to decide whether it’s suitable for your needs. Fortunately, one option you have is to look at plans, use design tools, and even hire an architect or designer who can help you visualize what your future home might look like.

Picking properties that have the potential to grow into something you love can be tough. But there are lots of signs you can look for that will indicate whether it’s right for you.