A robust stormwater drainage system keeps your house, outdoor entertainment area, and landscaping safe from flooding by channeling the water away from them. If stormwater goes on collecting, the foundation of your walls can become weak due to water damage. Hence, you have to be careful in this area. A sound stormwater drainage system includes clean gutters, stormwater pipes, and stormwater drains that help water to move to the streets. To be precise, it is a plumbing system that stores ground runoff and rainwater in the strategically positioned drain pipes around the home compound to turn its flow into the city’s main drainage lines.

If this gets blocked, different types of issues can arise. The gutters can overflow, the surroundings can get flooded, there can be a bad odour, and so on. Sometimes, it can be easy to determine the blockage in the stormwater drain. For example, water not flowing down the drains even during decent rain can be a sign of this. For help, you can reach out to a qualified and experienced BPD North Brisbane Plumber. The professional contractor can deal with all types of blockages and clean the drains at a fair price.

Here are some of the typical issues that you can face due to this plumbing system. Let’s dig into them so that you can hire a professional for the work when needed.

The major stormwater plumbing issues

Blocked stormwater pit

A lot of homes suffer flood damage because of this problem. Stormwater drainage has to carry solid materials in vast quantities compared to other drains. That’s why they get easily blocked. In dry seasons, pests like mice and rats can make their homes in these. They can stuff tree leaves, plastic bags, and clothes, which can obstruct the passage of the pit. Besides, birds can also make their nests. Additionally, the accumulation of debris and silt due to rains can be another reason for the clogging. Hence, you have to keep an eye on the drain to protect it from any damage.

Damaged or defective pipes

It is another common issue with the stormwater drainage. It can be a rare event, though. Still, it is better to know what can cause damage. The use of a heavy machine in your yard can be one factor. It can cause cracks in the pipes and move soil into the drainage. If it happens, you will have to replace the drain pipe. In North Brisbane, trees are everywhere. You can find them along the road also. You may not realize it, but these can also block your stormwater drainage systems. The tree roots need water, and while searching for it, they can enter the pipes, clogging or ruining the whole structure. For this problem, you have to hire an expert plumber who can remove the tree roots and restore your plumbing system.

The best way to protect the structure of your house is to keep its plumbing and drainage system healthy. While you may want to manage small tasks yourself, it will be wise to call a professional service provider for fixing considerable damages.