Beautiful open spaces inside your home can add more ecstasy and divine class. If you want to add more space, then you may need a few alterations to the existing settings of your home. Pillar or the support columns that you find unsettling may get transformed with a smart solution.
Though, if you are planning to remove the support column, then it is not a wise idea by any means. Instead of removing them, you can try out some astonishing revamp options for your support columns. Some of them are mentioned underneath

Why it is not wise to knock down the support columns?

Support columns are load-bearing, i.e., they bear the overall load of your home. Therefore, it can be risky if you try to remove them. If you still wish to remove them, then it can be a mess as well as a costly process.

support column-dining room

How can you make them eye-catchy?

You can turn a problem into an opportunity with a positive mindset and a little bit of creativity. You can utilize the support columns of your home as a design prospect. Pillars can be helpful in dividing a big open space of your home and converting it into different rooms without requiring any wall. It can be an extremely effective method for dining/kitchen or living combinations. So, the unsettling support columns of your home can be the finest structure for defining your home, if you use them wisely.

The smart way of designing an alluring space along with managing the support column is placing something immediately next to the support column rather than keeping it empty. Measuring the furniture creatively and carefully will also be a wise move. This is because as in that manner support columns won’t appear like the physical obstacles, instead, they will help define the different segments and their functionalities in a more convincing manner.

pillar - support columns

Give wings to your creativity

If you want to convert your dream into reality, then you can take advantage of the creative support column ideas for your home. You can utilize your creativity for adding more value and appeal to your home space. Spread your creative wings by taking inspiration from the ideas available online.
Add smarter space with smarter steps.

Removing the support column straight away from the house is not a smart decision. As a matter of fact, it is the last option. If you just wish to remove them from your home, you need experts and that will cost you a lot. So, when you have a smarter solution with you, there is no need to go for a disaster. Revamping the support columns will be a smarter idea than removal. You can make your budget smaller and space bigger by revamping the support columns. They are helpful opportunities for making a space enriched modern home.

support column

But in the end, if you are interested in removing the support columns from your home, you can contact us and our architects and engineers can assist you in doing this request.