I am excited to announce that my family and I will be moving into a new home, possibly our own, very soon. Although it is very exciting, I am also concerned with making our home comfortable and inviting. We’ve been in our current house for three years, and while it’s become a part of us, it’s also become a place that, in retrospect, could use some work.

Whether you’re living alone or doing co-living housing, improving the living situation means more energy for everyone around. As a result, the ultimate goal is to design a home that is both cozy and inviting.

After conducting research, I determined that it is best to include the senses and follow a few guidelines to help reduce stress for my family and myself. These are some examples:

How to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter removal is the most important aspect of creating a more comfortable home. Having too much stuff in your home is stressful. Messy kitchens may even cause you to overeat!

This is significant for me. My husband is obsessed with cars, and they are currently taking over our home. We’ve filled the entire two-car garage, a section of our living room, a section of our dining room, and one of the bedrooms is his sewing studio.

Don’t get me wrong: he’s fantastic at what he does, and he makes a good living, so I can’t complain too much. That being said, having a shop that is nearly as large as our house, if not larger, will be a huge relief for us, and I know it will relieve a lot of the stress that comes with having a cluttered home.

As we pack, I examine the items in our home and ask myself the age-old question, “Does this product serve a purpose or make me happy?”

Even if you are not moving, take a look around your home and ask yourself the same question about some of the items. Begin in one room and work your way through the house. Give it away if the answer is no.

Begin at the Front

With the clutter gone, creating a comfortable and inviting home begins at the front door. I recall my mother-in-law bringing us our first wreath. It was autumn, and it was so cheerful.

The wreath conveys a great deal about you and your family. Do you observe Mardi Gras? Make a Mardi Gras mask wreath out of beads. If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, show it off. This wreath is your first opportunity to make an impression on someone else.

The personalized wreath is also a subliminal high five to yourself, reminding you that you are awesome in your special way. Which is ultimately what your home should be about!

Consider this: your front door is a window into the interior of your home. My blue and silver wreath, for example, is a reflection of our living room tree, which is… you guessed it… blue and silver.

Consider Your Walls

One of the first things I noticed while looking at foreclosed homes was how many of the bedrooms had bright colors. Those wild colors would be the first thing I would change because they make me uncomfortable. Although I prefer lighter colors, the trend toward grays has me intrigued. According to my research, the grays would work well as long as the ceiling is a lighter shade.

In our current home, we have white walls on three sides of the living room and a darker accent wall. It’s lovely and draws attention to the room. However, because our current living room is so large, this works well. If our next house is different, we may have to change it. Each house has its personality, which you bring with you. That should be reflected in the colors and decor on the walls.

Another thing to mention about walls is that they should be cleaned at least once every six months. It’s amazing what a clean house can do for one’s spirits.

Include images of things that make you happy.

This may seem obvious, but it isn’t always the case. Except for the one in the dining room, the walls in our current home are mostly empty. At our new home, I intend to add a picture section down the hallway (if we have one).

The key here is to include only images that make you happy, not those of other people. Do you enjoy traveling? Include photos from your travels. Do you enjoy driving? Decorate your home with images of cool cars.

Make your environment inspiring!


One cool advantage is that you can add these images in a variety of ways. You could, for example, create a collage, frame the photos individually, or have them painted on canvases.


This appears to be overly simplistic, but hey, you have a clean kitchen and flowers on your dining room table. Why not prepare a delicious meal to enjoy? Everyone requires nourishment. If cooking isn’t your thing, invite some friends over and have everyone cook together. Keep the leftovers. This allows you to have comforting smells and foods whenever you need them. In addition, time spent with friends and family was valued. Being able to bring it all together, whether indoors or outdoors with family and friends, just makes everyone happy. Cooking and spending time with family and friends is what hangs the pictures we discussed! While we’re at the cooking part, it’s important that we pay special attention to our kitchen, which to a lot of people is the main room of our house. So paying extra attention to our kitchen is a must. A tip from me is maybe changing the wallpapers and add extra stuff such as installing custom range hoods.

Lighting 7. Outdoor Lighting

String lights are a favorite of mine, and I know I’m not alone! Adding lighting to areas such as the outdoor table area simply enhances the overall appearance of the space. It’s almost dreamy when hung around a bed.
However, string lights are not required. When we first rented the house we are leaving, we changed the lighting to make it feel brighter and more ours. Lighting also has the advantage of having a distinct personality. Once you’ve determined the layout and feel of the home, you can choose lighting that complements it.

Lighting in the Home

This is a difficult one. If it is extremely hot or cold, close your blinds and curtains. Make use of the electric lighting and fireplace (if it is cold).

If the weather is nice, as it is in the fall and spring, I recommend bringing in as much natural light as possible. Natural lighting is also beneficial for photography. If you can open the doors and windows, the natural scent of the outside will enter. When the weather permits, combine these three items.

If you have children, I also recommend a rainbow fan. Ours is being relocated from the rental to the new house at the request of our children. It’s a lot of fun, and it brings out the color of the rug on the floor.

Candles are another type of lighting. Candles have the added benefit of emitting both light and scent. It’s amazing what a few candles can do to make a space feel cozier.

Be Not Afraid of Fire

The fire from the candles creates a cozy atmosphere.

But what about those cold winter nights when all you want to do is curl up in front of the fire, under a blanket, cuddle or read, or… well, anything involving fire?

Then there are the other times of the year when being outside next to a bonfire is a wonderful experience. S’mores are a year-round food, and bonfires are typically associated with friends and family.

Include a Nook Area

After a long day, adding a nook area to the home can provide that “ahhhh” feeling. This area is great because it can be anywhere in the house, from a nook table used for breakfast and the occasional computer work session to an L-shaped couch full of pillows and blankets where you can read.

Simply make the space yours. Make it relaxing. You’re the “go-to” person when you need to get away from the hustle and bustle that occurs even within the home on occasion.

It Appears As If…

It appears that all of these things can be bundled together to make a house a home. You want it to be a place where you can make memories based on your interests.

Include an outdoor area that suits you if you enjoy being outside. If you prefer to sit by the fireplace while the snow falls, make a nook around it. When designing a comfortable home, use all of your senses. What scents do you enjoy? What makes you happy? What would you like to see? These things are significant. Your home is important.