In the past, constructing a home that was completely customized to match an ideal design was a pipe dream for the typical consumer. As well as being far too expensive, the logistics behind this concept made it a nightmare proposal. However, things have changed and these days, building a home from scratch is far more affordable and an accessible option. But there are still pitfalls with this possibility that you will definitely need to avoid.

Going Over Budget

First, despite what we just said, it is possible and indeed quite easy to go over your budget when building your dream home. Usually, the problem is going to be related to the materials that you choose. If you have a particular aesthetic in mind for the interior of the home, this is always going to push up the cost. You’ll need to work to bring it back down. One of the ways to do this is to use materials that replicate a particular aesthetic such as laminate flooring. It’s a far more budget-friendly option compared with hardwood.

Getting Planning Permission

You might struggle to gain planning permission to build the property. This is something to be aware of if you find land that is cheap. Land being sold dirt cheap – no pun intended – will typically not be viable as a place to build. You might find that there is a limit on the height of the buildings that can be constructed in a location that could ruin your dreams completely. This is something you always need to explore before you invest. When you choose the right contractor such as Hibbs Homes they will often handle the planning permission. This makes things a lot easier and keeps things stress free.

If you are having issues with planning permission, you can appeal the decision. You will often have to make changes to your plans but it can be worth it to guarantee that your home does actually get built.

One way to avoid the headache of planning permission completely is to choose to build on an established development. The permissions will already be in place.


Finally, you do need to make sure that if you are working with a contractor or subcontractor everyone involved has the right insurance coverage. This will guarantee that you aren’t left out of pocket if things go wrong. That can happen which is why it’s worth researching any contractor that you choose to use. Remember if a business doesn’t have any reviews or a portfolio of previous clients they could be cowboy builders. Businesses like this will rip off clients, switch the names of their company, and then continue as if nothing happened. They are perhaps the biggest threat you need to avoid when building a home.

We hope this helps you understand some of the common problems that you can run into when you are building a home from scratch. That said, you shouldn’t let these issues put you off constructing a dream property. After all, you can get exactly what you want and it could be a highly valuable investment – if you make the right decisions.