New design trends for 2021 are guaranteed to make you excited. What are your aspirations for your kitchen in 2021? This year, there is a lot to experiment and play around with – from natural elements to dark colors. From dark work surfaces to marble and captivating tile layouts. When it comes to kitchen design trends for 2021, aim to find a balance between these exciting trends and what you truly love.

Comfortable living

Regardless of its size, the kitchen has become the hub of home life and should therefore be just as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing. Having a comfortable kitchen means preparing food and cleaning is as easy as it possibly can be. It also means that you’ll enjoy spending time there. Even when you’re building or buying a brand new home, using online platforms like Lotmix to find your dream house, keep in mind that the kitchen should always match your style.

Rethinking color

Trends in kitchen design for 2021 seem to have picked up on society’s current mood. We’re craving calm and soothing over showy. Current design trends are more muted and minimalistic. Colour is a great tool to use for transforming a kitchen. While white kitchens are still loved for their light-enhancing, calm effect, and greys are still featuring, black is having a moment. Black walls, cabinetry, and work surfaces create a luxe, homely charm with a subtle touch of drama.

Although stainless steel is still a trusted choice, appliances have become statement pieces in black. Inspired by mother nature, the color green is also a very popular choice and adaptable to your style. Not into the dramatic, luxurious look of deep emerald green? A soft sage green will be the perfect way to bring the color green into your kitchen in a subtle manner. It is possible to easily incorporate Green in cabinetry and tiles and pairs well with wood, marble, and most other materials.

The kitchen island

Kitchen Island Ideas

Proper workspace in the kitchen has become an important design element, seeing that we now not only prepare food and entertain in the kitchen but also work, have meetings, and do school projects. Larger kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular, and when space is no object, having a double island makes a lot of sense. It presents additional work and storage space and can be used for dining. Speaking of kitchen islands, although it’s been highly sought after for years, marble is not going anywhere! Marble is synonymous with luxury and style. The latest in marble is a heavily veined look. Durable and classic, marble is a great investment that will stand the test of time.

Smart storage

As important as creating a beautiful look is, we also want functionality. This is where storage is essential. Clutter is stressful. We feel instantly calmer when we’re surrounded by a neat, organized space with clean and clear countertops. You can find clever storage solutions in bifold dressers and corner or tower larders. A pantry is also a great storage feature, freeing up walls in the kitchen otherwise used for wall cabinets. Tying in with the less-is-more approach is handleless design. Technological advances in push open and close doors and drawers not only make handles unnecessary but also creates a streamlined look.

More fancy finishes to consider

Other easily incorporated ideas in 2021 are floating shelves, pendant lighting, gold finishes, wood making a come-back, and the kitchen sink being a style statement in itself. Plants will surely add life to your kitchen. Splashbacks are moving towards more muted and natural-looking materials where texture is preferred over pattern and materials are used in unexpected ways (think brass plates used as a splashback). This also lends a unique look to your kitchen.

Conclusion on Kitchen Design

From large kitchen islands to a more personalized style in the kitchen, this year’s design ideas offer a lot to play around with! You can choose and implement the elements that work for your lifestyle and tick all your style preference boxes. Whether you’re looking for a color scheme with great effect or just want to optimize storage space, there are ideas that everyone can implement to enhance home living in 2021.


Author’s Bio:
Jennifer Monroe is an architect. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. She has eight-plus years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet homes.