Are you planning on contacting kitchen remodelling experts soon to upgrade your kitchen? Before you do, it’s important to understand how to clearly communicate your goals and expectations for your kitchen. 

Most of the time, homeowners often use the terms “kitchen remodelling” and “kitchen renovation” interchangeably when in fact, these terms have very different meanings. Saying you need a kitchen renovation when you mean a “kitchen remodel” can lead to costly misunderstandings, and you may end up unsatisfied with the results. 

To ensure that your vision for your kitchen comes to life exactly as you imagine, it’s critical to grasp the difference between remodelling and renovation. This new insight will not only streamline your communication with a kitchen remodel company but also ensure that your project aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Kitchen Remodelling Vs. Kitchen Renovation

Although kitchen remodelling and kitchen renovation are often confused with each other, they are two completely different types of projects with distinct scopes.

A kitchen renovation involves updating and revitalizing your current kitchen without drastically changing its basic layout or structure. Some procedures done during a kitchen renovation include repainting walls, replacing fixtures, and upgrading appliances or incorporating smart technology to refresh the look and functionality of your kitchen. 

On the other hand, kitchen remodelling is more extensive and requires significant changes to your kitchen’s layout, structure, and size. Some tasks in a kitchen remodelling project include removing or adding walls, changing the floor plan, installing new cabinetry, and modifying your kitchen’s overall function. 

The Prices of a Kitchen Remodel Vs. Renovation

Remodel cost

Additionally, a kitchen remodel is usually more expensive than a kitchen renovation. Renovating a kitchen can range in cost from $14,551 to $40,541, with a nationwide average sitting at around $26,240. 

Meanwhile, a kitchen renovation can cost as little as $10,000 to $15,000. Factors that play a significant role in determining the cost of both a kitchen remodel and renovation include the size of the kitchen, the scope of the project, the cost of labor, where the home is located, and the types of materials chosen.

Opting to get a kitchen improvement project not only significantly enhances your kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality, but the Return On Investment (ROI) is also substantial, typically around 70% when you decide to put your home on the market. Among various home improvement projects, this ranks as one of the top for ROI, closely followed by bathroom upgrades.

How to Know Whether You Need a Kitchen Remodel or Renovation

If you are looking to update your space without significant structural changes, a kitchen renovation may be the best option, as it focuses more on cosmetic updates, repairs, and safety upgrades. It is also a great option for homeowners who want a more budget-friendly process and want a gradual kitchen upgrade. 

On the other hand, a kitchen remodel is the ideal option for homeowners who are looking to completely transform their space. If you find the current layout of your kitchen doesn’t suit your lifestyle, or if you’re aiming for a significant update that includes structural changes, such as expanding the kitchen or integrating it with other living spaces for an open-concept design, remodelling is the way to go. This approach allows for customization to your exact preferences and needs, whether it’s incorporating a modern aesthetic, installing high-end appliances, or optimizing the space for entertaining.


Distinguishing between kitchen remodelling and renovation before initiating your kitchen upgrade is crucial to achieving the desired outcome. While both options aim to enhance the kitchen’s appearance and functionality, understanding their differences ensures that your investment aligns with your vision for the space. 

Deciding between a kitchen remodel and renovation boils down to your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget. If your kitchen’s layout and structure fundamentally work for you, and your goal is to refresh its look or upgrade appliances and fixtures, renovation offers a less intrusive and more budget-friendly option. On the flip side, a remodel is ideal for those ready to invest more significantly in creating a kitchen that fully caters to personal aesthetics, functionality needs, and lifestyle preferences, offering a completely customized space. As you contemplate this decision, consider the long-term impact on your home’s value and your daily life, ensuring the choice you make enhances both your home’s market appeal and your enjoyment of the space.