Did you know that laser technology has a market size of $11.30 billion? In the metal fabrication industry, laser cutting has improved the production workflow. If you belong to one of these industries, it’s vital to get an upgrade with a laser tube cutter.

Before upgrading to the technology, know the advantage of laser tube cutting first. What made it better than technology like hydro or plasma cutting?

Do you want to know the advantages of laser cutting to your workflow? Read what we have below and learn more.

Gives You Flexibility

At first, industries rely on molds to create shapes and patterns. However, the need for personalized processing gets more in demand each year. The solution is to use optical fiber laser cutting to get a flexible personal touch.

Laser cutting reduces costs by skipping operations like cutting the mold and polishing the product. You get a personalized laser cut that’s almost perfect in one go.

High Precision and Accuracy

Laser cutting tube machines boast high precision and accuracy compared to other cutting technology. Also, it solves problems that involve cutting thick materials. It’s helpful because you get more from the material.

Other cutting technology leave deformation when processing materials. They lack accuracy and precision, wasting a percentage of the material. As an effect, you get deformations that aren’t good for mass production.

Guaranteed Stability

Personalized laser cutting is not the only need of the metal fabricator industry. It also needs support and stability when processing and cutting materials. Each step guarantees stability to get the best cuts.

Laser tube cutting addresses this issue by supporting vertical and lateral angles. It helps handle long tubes to avoid bowing and twisting the material.

High Efficiency

All materials have a tolerance limit which can make them break or leave them brittle. Today, laser cutting machines have a built-in compensator to avoid breaking raw materials.

Probes and sensors come with the machine to ensure cutting accuracy. Height sensors support the process and measure the width of the tube. The measurement cycle collects the data to measure its tolerance limit.

Located in front of the cutting head are the camera and more sensors. It measures the size of the material and measures the cut it needs.

In less than a second, it starts cutting. It follows the right approach and how to avoid breaking the tolerance limit.

Do you want more information about laser tube cutting? Check this guide to learn more about how it works.

Other Uses of Laser Cutting

Laser tube cutting isn’t limited to tube and pipe cuttings. Many industries use the technology to cut plates and create 3D sheets. Its cheap cuts have created a demand that many industries need.

Know the Advantage of Laser Tube Cutter Today

Flexibility and precision are in demand in many industries today. It’s the best way to improve production workflow and get orders done at the earliest time possible. Get this upgrade now and use a laser tube cutter today!

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