Building perfect restaurants requires you to follow specific steps. As a result, this explains why restaurant design and architecture companies follow an in-depth, step-by-step process whenever building restaurants that deliver on consumer and franchise’s expectations.

In this revealing piece, you’ll find the primary steps you need to follow when creating the structural design of restaurants in California.

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The Preliminary Structural Design Step

Before doing anything else, the architecture and design company needs to meet you and determine your restaurant’s scope and size. After this, the design and architecture firm needs to give you three preliminary drawings. These include:

Floor/Concept Floor Plan

The floor/concept floor plan refers to the building’s basic framework that shows roughly the things that go to a specific place. These include washrooms, doors, seating area, service area, kitchen, and more.

A significant percentage of franchises provide the design and architecture company with a template named the “Design Standard” to follow as they handle the project. The franchises tailor this template to match the unique needs of your specific area and any necessary building code requirement.

The architecture and design company needs to start with an empty page and create the concept plan based on your vision and requirements for any independent restaurant.

Site Plan

These preliminary drawings feature all the things, such as the parking area, pedestrian walkways, utility tie-ins, site access, and more. The land use and municipal zoning requirements are the primary things that guide the site plan.

Exterior Elevations

The exterior elevations illustrate the construction within the overall development’s context. This stage also entails considering all the architectural controls.

The Construction Permit Package Step

The drawings need to be forwarded to the municipality for construction permit approval. However, this will happen if the client approves the preliminary structural design drawings and adds extra information.

At the construction permit package step, the City reviews the plans to ensure they comply with the design “form and function,” Land Use Bylaw, and facility use. Also, this step allows the planners to go through the exterior design and signage.

The City may require changes or approve the construction package as received. In most cases, the City requires straightforward revisions. However, some situations may involve several rounds. Experienced design companies are the ones to be held accountable for this issue whenever creating their structural design schedule.

In-Depth Working Drawing Step

The architecture and design company will add complete mechanical requirements and electrical wiring schematics into the structural design drawings if the construction permit package needs approval.

Note that the structural drawings must be made available if they’re required. If this happens, then more attention will go into the structural exterior design.

Besides this, a significant percentage of municipalities need signing-off from structural engineers and architects for the final drawings of standalone restaurants. The integrated and engineering company will remain accountable for in-house. Also, this is the firm certified to sign/stamp the pictures.

Construction Step

The construction step starts after the structural design drawings pass registration, stamping, and getting city approval. However, this is not the end of the design team’s roles.

The design and engineering company will always be available to brief the contractors and respond to all queries. Besides this, the design company must inspect the contractor’s task from the start to the end to ensure it matches the approved drawings.

Generally, a complete architecture and structure design company can provide the necessary restaurant tender support. They will deliver an in-depth bidders’ package that includes lease agreements, material specifications, work scope, all drawings, and other crucial documents. Besides this, the architecture and design company needs to answer all the bidders’ questions, go through all bid submissions, and more.


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