We’re living through some pretty odd times. While your construction business or firm may have really been in the swing of things, and you may have been running it without a second thought or shadow of a doubt on any of your decision makings, things may have now changed. The rapid spread of coronavirus, creating a worldwide pandemic that has brought most countries into states of lockdown, means that times are uncertain and many of us, particularly those of us in positions of authority over other people’s jobs, incomes and consequently lives, are feeling extremely unsure about what we’re meant to be doing and how we’re meant to manage our employees or other workers right now. Everything feels up in the air and subject to change at any given minute anyway. So, what can you do to manage your construction team as effectively as possible during times like these? Here are a few steps that might help to get you started out in the right direction.

Follow Government Guidelines

First, you need to make sure that you abide by your government’s guidelines. Now, these vary around the world according to the severity of the situation in each given country, so it wouldn’t be all too useful to lay down any particular rules here. Instead, visit your government’s website. Here, you’ll be able to find any information you may need on whether your construction workers should be on-site or not, what personal protective equipment you may need to provide them with while they work, and what safety measures you should be putting into place on your worksites. Your workers’ health is key and it’s essential that you put this above anything else.

Be Considerate

These are difficult times for everyone. You may need to be more considerate, flexible, or lenient than you’re used to being. If someone is showing symptoms, they need to go home and isolate (for the sake of their own health as well as the rest of your team’s). If someone is caring for another person who is unwell, they will need to isolate themselves as well. After all, they may have caught the virus and it’s easy to pass it on in a role that involves closely working with others. Bear these kinds of things in mind when processing a time-off request that any of your staff might have put in.

Make Sure Your Staff Feel Appreciated

Right now, most of us would rather be in our homes. Your staff is facing a profound risk of coming to work. It’s important to show them some appreciation for their efforts. Sure, they need to pay their bills. But it’s still good of them to actually continue with their role which, at the end of the day, is making you the big bucks. Make an extra effort. Compliment them when they’ve done something well. Congratulate them on their achievements. Ensure they know their work is appreciated.

Encourage Team Bonding

We’re living in a time where people are growing increasingly skeptical and scared of each other. Of course, your team needs to keep a physical distance from one another. But it’s good to create a sense of team spirit and you can achieve this by encouraging team bonding. Get everyone chatting. Help people get to know each other a little better. This will really help to lift spirits and make the working day a lot more pleasant.

Don’t Rush Things

It’s important to make sure you’re not rushing things. Going back to work. Completing your work. Trying to act as “normal” again. Everyone will need to ease into this for it to work well. So, don’t rush or push. People will begin to settle in their own time.

These are just a few different areas that you might want to focus on when it comes to making sure that you’re managing your construction team as effectively as possible at the moment. Sure, times are tough. Sure, times are strange. But the work that they do is important and it’s going to take some good management to make sure that everything gets done safely, to standard and while maintaining a positive working environment. Hopefully, the above advice will help you to get the ball rolling in the right direction!