The idea of building a network of interconnected computers started during the 1950s. Since then, it has gone through many developments and improvements to become the internet that we know today. The internet is considered a commodity today, and you won’t find any home without an internet connection. Lots of benefits can be gained from using the internet. At the same time, there’s also a security risk. The internet is a free platform and you’re subject to cyber attacks if you don’t protect your system from cybercriminals. What can protect your system from them? Antivirus software.

A good example of antivirus software is the McAfee Internet Security. The McAfee Internet Security, despite being older than most antivirus softwares that are currently out, is still reliable after all these years. If you’re looking to use McAfee as your security software, you made the right choice.

Below is a rundown of the things that the McAfee Internet Security can do to protect you.

McAfee Internet Security

At first glance, you’d think that McAfee Internet Security software is basic antivirus software. While it does all of the things you’d expect from security software, there’s more to the story.

McAfee has been around for more than 30 years, and they have done a pretty good job in adapting to the increasing needs for security as time went by. With the McAfee Internet Security, you can scan for viruses and malware and remove them promptly from your system. For security features, the McAfee Internet Security has several which are as follows: firewall, spam filter, parental control, and password management.

McAfee’s firewall is as good as it gets; it blocks potential threats whenever it’s active.  The spam filter is also a good feature, as you can control how much spam enters your inbox. You can set it up to almost no spam entering it, but the risk here is that some important emails might be labeled incorrectly as spam.

For password management, it offers to install the True Key Password Manager. Your subscription allows you to manage passwords across devices of differing platforms. In line with this, authentication factors are also in place for extra security.

For the parental control feature, you can manage the websites that your child can enter. You can block specific websites which they won’t be able to access at all. You can also set a specific timeframe which allows your child to use the internet.

The cons

McAfee Internet Security, despite being a well-performing security software, is not without flaws. One considerable flaw is that it doesn’t have a built-in VPN. It does have VPN support, but you’d think that it will have a built-in VPN because of its impressive security features. Not to mention, the VPN is sold separately. In this regard, you can go for a third-party VPN. You’re quite better off using other security software altogether as some of them have all software security needs rolled into one.

The verdict

The McAfee Internet Security software is great security software for what it’s worth. It has lots of security features that can protect you from cyber attacks. Not only that, but it also detects most of the viruses and malware that’s in your system and removes them immediately altogether. Despite the flaw of lacking its VPN, the silver lining is that you have the choice of using the McAfee-supported VPN or a third-party VPN instead. Regardless, the McAfee Internet Security software more than does its job of protecting you and your system from cyber attacks.