This year is the ideal time to redecorate your home. After all, it’s been a rough year, and most people have spent more time at home than ever before. It’s time to shake things up for 2021. By following the latest living room design trends, you can refresh your home and your outlook, too.

New Living Room Color Choices

In 2021, the standard neutrals are often taking a backseat to more exciting colors. Vibrant hues like reds, blues, and yellows create a lively and invigorating space. Choose a sofa or chair in a brilliant shade for that peak point of interest among gentler colors.

Another popular choice in 2021 will be what fashion experts are calling “girly colors.” Think of any color that a girl would choose for her bedroom. Colors like purple, pink, or pastel blue or green fit right in with this trend. Combine several girly colors in your sofa, loveseat, and chairs for a lovely, joyful living room.

You’ll also see living rooms painted in ocean colors this year. These misty blues, deep ocean blues, and blue-greens give your room a look that’s both calming and refreshing. And this would be an excellent backdrop for deep blue or girly blue or green living room furniture.

This year, earth tones take center stage among the neutral colors. Look for bronze paint colors and furniture finishes. Go for warm earthy colors for a luxurious, upscale look.

Buying Furniture Online

Buying furniture online is a must this year. You can avoid crowded stores or find a place to buy when your local furniture retailer is closed. There won’t be a salesperson standing over your shoulder as you try to decide what to buy. And you can have it delivered to save yourself the hassle and backbreaking work of moving in a new sectional or recliner. So, where can you buy home furniture online? Newsweek has just the list for you. It’s a ranking of the top online shops for the year 2020.

Styles to Embrace in 2021

Some styles are always in style. On the other hand, every year favors specific style options. So, consider some of the most popular style trends when you get ready to design your living space and purchase furniture and accessories for it.

Rustic Vogue

Rustic vogue combines furniture that looks older and rustic with pieces that appear more polished and newer looking.  Search for pieces that show lots of wood grain. Reclaimed wood is in, not just for the style but also because it’s environmentally friendly. The goal is to establish a modern but homey ambiance.


Traditional is one of those styles that’s always popular. Yet, this year, traditional style furniture is going to have extra appeal. Choose traditional sofas with elaborate ornamentation, dark woods, and interesting details. This type of furniture gives your living room a slightly formal but home-like feel.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts is a simple style that fits the zeitgeist of 2021. For this style, choose simple living room furniture as your foundation. Then, add accessories you’ve made yourself or bought from a local crafter. You can put together a room that’s cozy, comfortable, and a conversation-starter to boot.

Size Matters

This year, bigger furniture is where it’s at. Why? If you’re lounging at home, you need enough space to stretch out and relax. So, look for larger sofas and loveseats. Consider a super-sized sectional. Rather than an ordinary accent chair, choose a spacious chair-and-a-half. And if you have a tiny apartment, remember that it will look less cluttered with a few larger pieces than many smaller ones.

Desk in the Living Room?

Working remotely has become the norm for many industries, and that’s not likely to change very much. Companies have discovered that they can accomplish as much with less overhead when their employees work from home. The question is if you’re working at home, where do you put your desk?

While some prefer to have a home office in their bedroom, the living room works well for others. You can create a workspace in a corner or on a long wall. If you do block out a space for work in your living room, keep it simple. Choose a corner desk or an open, streamlined desk to place along a wall. Mark out this area with artwork, rugs, or plants to create a well-defined workspace.


The world has changed dramatically since 2020 started, and the changes are still coming. In 2021, it’s the perfect time to stop a moment, take stock, and decide what kind of home you want. Then, choose from this year’s home interior fashions that are so well-suited for today’s lifestyle. Follow these trends, and you can create a living room design to enjoy now and in the days to come.