Client: Agar, Inc.

  Location: Los Angeles, CA

This 10-unit, 5-story project required designs for HVAC systems, power services, lighting, and plumbing. The building area, which also included a basement and parking lots, spanned a total area of 27,062.4 square feet.

This is a particularly tricky project, as the plans do not align from floor to floor and there are tons of beams involved, requiring tight collaboration with the structural design team.

S3DA was chosen because of its highly skilled MEP workforce and our expertise in structural design. This unique combination has enabled us to look at both sides of the equation and assist our client with plans that are clash-free. We have been able to guide the client and offer them recommendations for the best design plans to improve efficiency, reduce power consumption, and cutting down costs. The plans are being prepared according to California standards and codes.

S3DA is also working on the Title 24 plans according to California Energy Calculation codes.