Warehouse at Barnes Lane Covelo

S3DA finished the Electrical plans and T24 for Sula Nichols Warehouse at 77450 Barnes Lane Covelo, CA. 95428

The scope of work was E plans design and T24 on a Warehouse at Barnes Lane Covelo

Electrical Design:

Provide all grounding/bonding information. UFER ground; bonding of water, gas, and building steel.

Include grounding electrode type and size, and grounding electrode conductor type and size. Single line diagram with AIC rating of breakers, main-service disconnect, feeder breaker sizes, conduit

, and wire sizes for feeders. Panelboard and schedules with bus size, phase indication, and branch circuits with load distribution. Load calculations for the electrical service and sub-panels. Voltage drop calculations for sub-panels

Title 24

Date February 22, 2023