As the weather cools and the pumpkin spice flavor appears everywhere, you know that fall is just around the corner. While autumn can be a lovely season and many people’s favorite, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the changes it brings. There are many things a homeowner can do to better prepare their house for this cooler time of year.

  1. Check Your Gutters

Fall brings the falling of leaves­ everywhere. These leaves can get in your gutters which can result in a clog or worse, damages to your home. It’s a good idea to check the gutters before autumn starts to prevent potential roof or home structure damage. If you don’t feel like cleaning your gutters yourself, there are plenty of companies that offer this service.

  1. Inspect The Roof

While you’re checking your gutters, it only makes sense to inspect your roof as well. Check for any missing shingles or signs of termites. A roof inspection can prevent leaks and water damage. Fall is the best time to replace your roof so it’s better to be aware of any damage now before winter comes.

  1. Check For Drafts

With the looming cold weather, it’s a good idea to check your home for any potential drafts before the fall season comes. You can easily do this yourself by feeling for any airflow around your windows and doors. “Homeowners should make sure to check your attic, basement, or any other crawl spaces for potential drafts,” advises Victor Gonzales, a blogger at Draftbeyond and Writinity. “If you’re uncertain of whether you feel air or not, try the lit candle trick. If the flame flickers, you have a draft.”

  1. Place A Doormat For Dirty Shoes

In many places, the fall season is accompanied by wetter weather. It’s also the perfect season for hiking. To prepare for this muddier season, it might be a good idea to place a mat by your door. The doormat can trap all mud from your family’s dirty shoes, and prevent it from entering your home. This small trick saves you a lot of time cleaning and vacuuming.

  1. Put Seasonal Furniture Away

A lot of homeowners forget to store their summer patio furniture before fall. While this may not be a problem for drier regions, homes that experience a lot of rain should contemplate putting their seasonal furniture away before fall hits. This could potentially save you a lot of money and from needing to replace your outdoor furniture next year.

  1. Check Your Pipes

To prevent frozen pipes in the face of a sudden drop in temperature, check your pipes before the fall season. Inspect them for any cracks or damage. Insulate any exterior pipes by wrapping them with pool noodles, heat tape, or pipe sleeves. Move any gardening hoses indoors and drain any remaining water from your sprinklers and pools.

  1. Test Your Heating System

Before temperatures cool beyond bearable, consider testing your heating system to make sure it’s ready to take on the upcoming fall and winter seasons. “It might sound ridiculous to turn on the heater in the summer,” says Joseph Parrish, a writer at Researchpapersuk. “But the last thing you want is to be cold in your home with no source of heat.” The earlier you test your heating system before winter, the better prepared you will be for the cold temperatures.

  1. Consider Investing In A Programmable Thermostat

Though it might seem like an unnecessary investment, a programmable thermostat can save you a lot of money in heating bills. Its ability to automatically lower the temperature at night or while you’re at work is extremely cost-efficient.

  1. Inspect Trees

If your house is near a large tree, take the time to inspect the condition of the tree especially if you live in a region that experiences a lot of storms. Check the tree for any dead branches that might fall off and hurt someone or damage your home. Ensure that no branches are too close to your window or a powerline.

  1. Read Your Home Insurance Policy

Chances are, you won’t need to report any damage this season. Reading your home insurance policy regardless and knowing your coverage can offer you peace of mind in the fall season.

Final Note

These tips to prepare for the upcoming fall season are optional, but if you prefer to be prepared for the change in season, follow them to prepare your house and get as ready as possible for autumn.

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