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Preparing for the coronavirus: building safe environments to live and work in

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how many of us used to live and work, and its effects are likely to stay for a long while. Safety is a priority, but we still need to keep the wheels rolling. As such, designing for hygiene and minimizing the spread of the virus are more crucial than ever.

In this post, we are discussing some of the ways we can design or remodel homes, offices or commercial buildings to maximize sanitation.

Expand your home

As of this writing, there are no known cures for the coronavirus. The most effective method to fight the virus is by fighting its spread, and social distancing plays a vital part. As we are encouraged to stay at home, we must also ensure that our homes are suitable for long-term stays, particularly during the pandemic.

Expand your home

For instance, having a separate room and bathroom for sick household members helps prevent the disease spread to other members. In case you have any sick family members, you may want to minimize their contact with others and having a separated environment for them which can be regularly cleaned and disinfected helps a lot.

Another reason for home expansion is to grow food. The pandemic has brought uncertainty and supermarket shortages, which has encouraged many to grow their own vegetables. Expanding your house allows you to better deal with such needs, particularly as growing food also relieves stress and anxiety.

Working from home

Remote work is new to many of us. To maintain work discipline and avoid distractions, many have chosen to formally dress for work and adhere to the same working hours as they used to, before the outbreak.

Working from home

Creating a work environment in your house not only helps to maintain that discipline but also increases productivity. For instance, some people have launched their in-house study to keep recording videos.

Touchless technology

The virus is spread through contact, so the more we can avoid touching surfaces with our hands, the better – and some IoT technologies enable us to do just that.

Touchless technology

By using speech-controlled systems, we can reduce the surfaces we need to touch tremendously, and instead will control everything with voice.

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