Nothing is more important for an RV owner than keeping their expensive investment safe and in pristine condition. That’s why a dedicated shelter is crucial to prolong its life. And what better option could there be than metal RV storage buildings? During the off-season, it will protect vehicles from deteriorating by preventing paint chipping and rubber wearing out and safeguarding glass panels and other components.

Why You Should Get A Metal RV Garage?

It helps with the following:

  • It saves from harsh sun rays, rainwater, and snowfall that can damage the exterior.
  • It saves motorhomes from dents that can be caused by hail storms, kids playing baseball, or someone knocking off your side mirror.
  • It saves tires, batteries, & liquid fuel from moisture, damage, and freezing.

How Much Do Metal RV Storage Buildings Cost?

Type Of RVSize (when not expanded)RV Garage Price (approx.)
Class A15 ft. long x 8.6 ft. wide x 11-13 ft. height$17,900
Class B20 ft. long x 8 ft. wide x 7-9 ft. height$14,600
Class C20-30 ft. long x 8.4 ft. wide x 10 ft. height$12,900

How To Choose An RV Storage Building?

1. Space For Installation

Prefer a location with excellent drainage, nearby utilities, and easy access for motorhome maneuvering. Make sure you have enough space to abide by setback rules.

2. Metal RV Garage Size

Pick a size suitable for your RV type. We have discussed the average size of RVs above. Have a look. If you want to store your RV and car together, go for a size that can accommodate both. It must have two doors for each vehicle and enough room for opening and closing gates without bumping into each other or the sidewalls.

Take the height of your RV as a reference when designing a steel garage. It should be taller enough to ensure that the eave does not collide with the top part of the RV.

3. Do You Need Storage Space?

If yes, go for a larger garage with an additional walk-in door. You can install adjustable shelves, racks, cabinets, or pegboards to hold off stuff.

4. Permit

Before you rush to buy RV garage kits, get the blueprint of the garage from the metal dealer and submit it with a permit fee to the local authority. Once the permit is approved, go ahead & buy the steel garage for installation.

5. Foundation

You can start by preparing a base for installation. Pour concrete and let it cure for 28 days before beginning any construction work over it. Once the concrete hardens, it becomes most durable and can bear more load than any other base.  

Additional: Accessories

The insulator is a must for such a large structure. You can opt for affordable ones like fiberglass, batt & roll, etc., or aesthetic ones such as IMPs. Include vents in your design for fresh air flow inside the building. There are other add-ons that you can install. We have discussed them below in the customization section, so keep reading.

Are There Any Options Other Than RV Garages?

Yes, in fact, you can have two more options other than steel garages for sheltering RVs. Though they might not be as secure as a garage, they will keep the motorhome safe from direct sun and weather conditions. They are:

Steel Carport: These are open from all sides yet protect your motorhome from direct sun, wind, and snow. You can add front & back gable ends and 3 ft. on either side walls for more coverage.

Metal Utility Carport: These are similar to metal carports, except you get an additional fully enclosed metal shed where you can lock away some of the items.

But Why Choose RV Metal Building?

All Around Protection

Metal is a robust material with high durability throughout its lifespan. RV metal building retains its structural strength with time. Metal RV garages are made from inorganic materials. They are pests-proof and do not attract termites to houses in panels or frames.

For areas with extreme weather problems, you can get an engineer-certified steel garage that can withstand up to 170 miles per hour of wind speed and over 40 pounds per square foot of snow load. The vertical corrugated roof panel has perpendicular ridges that run towards the ground. It aids in sliding off debris, rainwater, and melting snow. Hence, it requires less cleaning.

Not only that but when coated with fire retardant, it can tolerate fire for up to four hours. Further, the insulator can slow down the fire’s spread from one section to another, giving you time to extinguish it.

Customizable Structure

RV storage buildings don’t have to be dull and lifeless. You can add color to it. Literally! Here are some common customization options that you may find helpful.

Adding External Color: You can choose a color that matches the existing structure or create a fresh, trendy-looking garage.

Installing Gutter With A Downspout: Large structures with pitch roofs can be daunting during the rainy season, as water will flow from the top and fall onto your head. To avoid this, you can install gutters that transfer water to a deposition tank.

Extra Walk-in Door & Windows: For large RV storage buildings, a separate walk-in door would be best to access any stored items instead of opening the entire garage. I prefer an automatic door for the RV entrance. Windows will bring in some air and light.

Adding Insulation and a Vent reduces the chances of heat transfer and humidity buildup, thereby regulating indoor temperature.

External Landscaping: Many busy homeowners neglect the outside. Hoverer, it isn’t only about aesthetics but also about hygiene. Keeping grass short will prohibit insects and small animals from hiding in it and later sheltering inside the garage. Any trench or possible water logging area must be filled and leveled with soil to restrict insects from laying eggs in it.

Versatile Building

There are various ways to use your metal garage. Here are some of them, just in case your RV is out and you are wondering what to do with the existing garage.

  • Home office
  • Art & craft studio
  • Guest living quarter
  • Personal storage shed
  • Man cave/ she shed
  • Parking other cars
  • Personal gym
  • Yoga center
  • Bakery
  • Use your imagination…

As You Can See

Your RV is an expensive investment, and you would like to make the most of it. Therefore, investing in a metal garage is a great option, as it not only protects your motorhome but also prolongs its life. When selecting a garage, opt for a size that can comfortably fit your RV. When in doubt, go for a large size, as extra space can be used as storage later, but a smaller shelter won’t fit the vehicle and serve its primary purpose.