Browsing the internet has never been so easy these days. However, given its accessibility, a lot of unwanted things can happen to you. You may have heard of some famous internet crimes like phishing, identity theft, ransomware, scams, and more. The truth is, even if you are not connected to your network, you are still vulnerable to these things. Now, what can you do to protect yourself on the internet? This is where McAfee Internet Security comes in handy.

McAfee is a California-based company that has been specializing in security software solutions for over 30 years now. With the vision of people working together to fight cybercrimes, the company continuously delivers proactive products for customers around the globe. Here are some facts why you should switch to McAfee Internet Security now.

Maximum Security 24/7 

Once the malware infects your hard drive, counter-measures can be time consuming and expensive. The McAfee Internet Security will shield you from malware and trojans before it can even get it to your hardware. Some adware is sent by cybercriminals via email. But don’t worry, this software also has a spam filtering feature so you won’t have to receive unwarranted messages in bulk. When it comes to your privacy and personal information, everything is secured since McAfee removes spyware. This software will also shred unwanted and infected files for you.

Protection is now not limited to your laptops and desktops. You may also enroll your mobile phones and tablets to enjoy all the security features. You may also schedule daily scans so you won’t have to do it manually from time to time.

Parental Controls

A McAfee Internet Security review won’t be complete without mentioning its other special features. Aside from the intensive security features, this software also has useful parental control features. This is one of the best security software out there for families with more than one kid. You can’t really fully control what your child sees on the internet. However, you can choose to filter out words that are not suitable for children. You may customize the list of things you want to filter based on your kid’s age. There’s also a time scheduling feature, so you can assign the time slots that you’re going to allow the kids to have access to the web. You may also block unsafe websites. A safe web browsing experience for the whole family is ensured with McAfee Internet Security.

Manage your passwords

Are you the type of person that gets annoyed whenever you have sign-in on websites daily? Then the True Key Password feature will be your friend. It is a browser extension that you can utilize to secure and manage your passwords and credentials. The next time you visit a website, True Key Password lets you in automatically. You won’t need to worry about phishing with this feature. It also includes an advanced authentication feature, where you can assign your trusted devices and how you would like to unlock it.

Great customer support 

This is one aspect that McAfee has seriously improved. If you have questions on how to configure the software or if there’s any problem that arises, you can easily approach their customer support. When calling their hotline support, the waiting time is not supposed to exceed 2 minutes. They also have live chat support that is ready to assist you right away.

System Requirements

The McAfee Internet Security software supports the following operating system for Windows: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 SP1 (32- and 64-bit). For Mac, it should be at least Mac OS X 10.12 or later. For Android, it should be Android smartphones and tablets 4.1 or higher. And it should be iOS 10 or higher for iOS devices.


Nowadays, hackers and criminals can easily get through your devices whenever they want. With this fact, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. If you’re looking for one of the best internet software, then McAfee Internet Security can get the job done. It has a lot of features and multi-layered protection for you and your family. This software has been tried and tested by a lot of people so this proves its reliability and good performance. There’s a 30-day free trial for you to do it for yourself.