If you want to remodel your house, it’s pivotal to bring the correct blueprints to the mix. Consider bringing modern and trendy designs to the table instead of focusing on outdated remodeling project trends. This post will take you through the 5 primary remodeling project trends to consider in 2022.

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Excellent Fitted Out Mudrooms

Building mudrooms dedicated to various needs is crucial if you want to help house owners avoid panic-struck searches for backpacks, lost socks, gloves, keys, hats, and more.

House owners constructing from scratch are more and more buying plans with mudrooms, also identified as all-purpose drop zones. For those house owners who ask you to remodel, suggest turning the underused space, like a laundry room or garage.

The other functions attracting a high demand include package drop-off areas and grocery-store deliveries. These include a central charging location for technology tools, a sink, and folding counter, a laundry equipment center integrated with shelves, and pet washing centers with large-sized shower storage, shower pan, or shower sink.

Specialized Open-Air “Rooms”

Nowadays, most people prefer an outdoor kitchen. They like these rooms because they work well with water sources, grills, and pizza ovens.

Other homeowners prefer a fireplace/fire pit and terrace/lawn to fix edible gardens, chairs, and large-sized screens to watch movies. Also, gardeners prefer big frost-hardy vessels, raised oblong wood planters, and aluminum troughs because they help them avoid weeding & bending.

House owners can also conserve land and plant up by putting up some trellises. Suggesting high and deep fencing is pivotal to ensure the presence of nearby sources of water. This fencing makes this possible by preventing living things from sharing the produce.

Savoring Nature With More Wall Glazing, Doors, And Windows


remodeling-project-trends - Moving Glass Wall Systems 3-panel pocket door

Currently, most house owners want to feel like they’re staying outdoors even when that’s not the case. Such remodeling project trends are expected to keep growing because most people consider nature to be a wellness aid.

Prepare yourself to change your door, window, and even the overall wall to accommodate more extensive glass options. Other house owners prefer garage-style like glass doors capable of rolling up for edgier looks. In kitchens, house owners prefer high raised windows and going down to the countertop or close to the house floor, in the absence of a countertop.

More Flexible House Offices

Currently, most people understand the benefits of having rooms for children to complete their homework and adults to handle office work. Even 2021 research shows that searches for house offices rose by 108%. And even as most individuals return to schools and workplaces, coronavirus experience is expected to increase the popularity of adaptable areas.

Therefore, it’s climacteric to help clients locate rooms or areas that can work, based on the quiet, light, and privacy desired level. However, it’s also vital to ensure the areas or rooms work well for other uses.

Guide your design by asking the clients various questions like if they require a door, or if they require a room that allows in natural light, or if they want to share the space, and more other questions.

Accessory Dwelling Units

After remodeling those tiny homes, expect more clients to request an ADU. Accessory dwelling units are mainly disconnected from the main building, and their sizes range from 500 to 800 square feet. However, other Accessory Dwelling Units go as high as 1200 square feet.

Increased acceptance from building & planning departments has enhanced ADU’s popularity, mainly as home solutions for house owners who need rooms for returning grown kids, renters, and more.

However, ensure to go through local codes regarding size and other requirements before constructing the ADUs. Also, these units have good essential appliances, insulation, natural light, and features that send back universal design principles.


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