Are you a hotelier interested in renovating your restaurant? It’s an exciting project, but it can be stressful if you’re unsure where to start. A good hotel restaurant renovation is a unique experience that leaves clients feeling like they’ve experienced something special. It’s important to remember that building or renovating a restaurant is more than just adding a new coat of paint and some fancy fixtures. There are many things to consider before beginning your renovation. 

1. Consider the Placement and Flow of Your Restaurant

Make sure your restaurant is accessible. The first thing to do when planning the layout of your restaurant is to consider how it will be used, who will use it, and what they will need to do so. For example, you should make sure the layout of your restaurant doesn’t put any undue stress on the joints or muscles of older guests. Avoid having ramps that require people to step up or down more than once in their path from the door to the table; this can cause discomfort for some guests.

2. Create a Unique Dining Experience

Clients are looking for a unique dining experience. When they dine at your hotel restaurant, they want to be wowed by the atmosphere, service, and food. They expect to be surprised by their experience—not just once, but every time they visit the restaurant. See how you can elevate the dining experience by incorporating decor elements and a couple of showstopping features through light fixtures, carpets, and even table settings. 

3. Make Sure Your Renovation Fits Your Hotel’s Aesthetic

Use your hotel’s aesthetic to get inspiration for your renovation project. For example, is your hotel located in a busy city center? Use that to serve as inspiration or basis for your design aesthetic. What kind of ambiance is around you? Modern, rustic, or traditional? Choose whether you want to match your surroundings or try something different to create contrast and interest. 

4. Consider Adding Revenue Generators

A renovation is a perfect time to make significant investments. Consider using this opportunity to add revenue generators. For example, a larger bar can boost alcohol sales. It can also provide a second ambiance to your restaurant, attracting different customers. 

The Right Hotel Restaurant Renovation Pays Off

A hotel restaurant renovation is an investment that pays off. A well-designed restaurant can benefit your business from attracting new guests to enhancing customer satisfaction. By creating an environment where customers are comfortable and feel at home, you’ll create an atmosphere that makes people want to return. 


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Author’s Bio

Geraldine Orentas is a writer in partnership with vacation rental accounting service, Ximplifi.