Are you renovating your house for the first time? If so, put everything down because there’s an 80% chance you’re doing it wrong.

Yes, the process of renovating a house is gruesome. It involves a load of money, plenty of sweat, and the massive responsibility of acquiring proper professional assistance. Unfortunately, renovation projects never start with a clean slate. That said, you are one mistake away from turning your dream house into your worst nightmare. So, isn’t it better to take a trip down the “things to avoid while renovating your house” alley instead of ruining your house to the point you can’t bear it? If you’re willing to learn more, we’ve got just what you need.

Things to Avoid

Whether you’re taking the DIY route or hiring a professional to take over the renovation, there are several things that, when done, could quickly spoil your plans. Keep reading to know about the “don’ts” of renovating a house.

  1. Thinking You Can Do It All

If you’re planning on pulling a full DIY on this home renovation project, let us stop you right there. While they may look like easy tasks, DIY projects, especially the ones on a large scale, are not easy at all. So, whether you are remodeling the house or fixing water damages, experts should be your go-to option. Therefore, if you’re dealing with renovation or water damages, you must find the best contractors and leave the job in their hands.

Hiring professionals will make your job ten times easier. The things that would take a week to get done by you will be done within two to three days by a professional builder. Chores like redoing the beds, re-inventing the patio, fixing the pipelines, or perhaps adjusting new tech – all can be done with accuracy.

Furthermore, make sure you hire an architect to design the overall model of your home. Architects are complementary when getting help from contractors, so there’s no need to hire them separately because that’ll only increase costs. The lesson is to consult a single company with a builder, contractor, and architect.

  1. Rushing the Job

No good ever comes from plunging into things, and this theory applies to home renovation as well. Even home improvement shows make building a house look easier. But that’s just TV – reality hits different. For your renovation, you need time to plan, perform each step with accuracy and do the unexpected.

It’s okay if building the windows is taking you more time than expected. The only thing that matters is creating a masterpiece. So, if you want it to be worth it, don’t rush it.

  1. Misjudging the Costs

Most jobs will cost extra and take longer than you planned, so always add 20% to what you think a home renovation project will total when budgeting. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough funds, cut back on some of the chores. For instance, if you’ve got a steady hand with the brush, go ahead and paint the entire house yourself. Aim to manage the odds, and everything will be in your favor.

  1. Being Attracted to ‘Miracle Cures’

While renovating a house, it can often be tempting to give cripplingly advertised ‘miracle cure’ treatments a go. These cures always receive back up by bizarre claims such as ‘seal looks for good,’ ‘never paint again,’ or the oldest ones in the book, ‘the ultimate solution to all housing problems.’ All of these claims are old news. Some of these products can cause severe damage when applied to older buildings.

Polyurethane foams and spray-on renders can block ventilation paths in roofs and walls. Despite claims to the contrary, it offers zero insulation benefits. Besides that, immediate damp sealants are seldom effective and can cause damping in walls.

  1. Not Renovating Unused Spaces

You can turn the space under your staircase into a comfortable reading spot. It’s only a matter of spontaneous creativity, and your house will become the sweetest on the block. Therefore, if you have any unused corners in your humble abode, utilize them before your renovation team abolishes them for good.

For instance, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, see if you can expand the space by adding an island bench. Similarly, if you have an empty basement, you can transform it into a functional space. Just brainstorm, and you’ll find something good to do with every empty corner in your home.

The Verdict

That’s the end of our “don’t do this, don’t do that” journey. Just know that you’re not the only one in distress; renovations are tricky for everyone. Even if you’re a pro house flipper, there’s always that something with a broken leg. The best way to do it nicely, if not ideally, is to talk with your referrals, leave room for adjustments, and enjoy the process. All in all, remember that things won’t always go according to plan. So go easy on yourself, and soon, you’ll be able to turn your no-show house into an all-show.