Now that everyone is stuck at home and has been for some time, it is a good idea to consider home renovation or even commercial renovation projects.

When it comes to renovation, there are a lot of things you need to prepare and consider to make the project successful. Here are some of our tips for making your renovation easier as well as more successful this summer.

Gather your documents

Planning documents and sketches will be the literal foundation of your renovation and you need everyone working on the project to know exactly what your plans are to the millimeter. This is why reprographics are important in the renovation and you should ensure every product leader in the development has a copy of the plans and documents with them at all times. This will ensure no small mistakes that may snowball later on and cause a ton of reworks.

Predict the weather

There are many things that can make a difference to a renovation and none are more unpredictable than the weather. But can we better predict the weather to ensure the renovation does not come to a halt? When you are renovating a building always make sure you know the forecast for the next 5 days, and keep checking this as you go so you can amend your work to avoid issues. There is nothing worse than rain coming down to a house with no roof!

Go green

When procuring supplies for your renovation project and planning the power source it is important to consider going green. The world is under a lot of strain at the moment. However, we can make changes to ensure that the world survives and thrives for longer. Install solar panels and use a water mill if you live near a river. This will ensure lots of natural light in the house. In addition, there are many ways to reduce energy usage as well as cost in the long term.

Recycle materials

You can often recycle simple materials for renovation and upcycle old things to save money. Let’s face it, renovation is incredibly expensive and it is important for you to save money wherever you can to avoid going over budget. You can use items such as old glass bottles and old furniture to create fun features in your home and unique pieces. Look on Pinterest for some great inspiration and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll be able to create.

Involve everyone

The best thing you can do when renovating your own home is to involve your family in the process. Workers cost a lot of money but you can resolve it.  If you are able to pull in friends and family to help with the job, it will go much quicker and it will be a lot cheaper!

Stay under budget

Speaking of money, when budgeting for a renovation it is important to budget lower than you can actually afford. There will often be things that come up that cause you to spend more money than initially planned. So, if you have a buffer in your bank account this will make that financial blow much easier to bear.