The construction industry has a notoriously poor carbon footprint, but things are changing. New technology and new practices are helping construction companies to become greener. There are lots of benefits to going green – not only can you help save the planet, but you could potentially save yourself a lot of money and boost your company’s reputation. Here are just some of the main ways in which construction companies can be greener.

Opt for eco-friendly machinery

A lot of construction companies try to save money by buying old used machinery, but such machinery can often guzzle fuel and electricity. By investing in new machinery, you can reduce fuel and energy consumption. It’s worth also considering the power sources that you use. Don’t settle for old petrol power generators – there are many newer diesel alternatives that have better fuel economy than you can compare if you click here. The key is not to focus on the initial purchase cost, but the cost in the long run.

Plan ahead when buying materials

When sourcing materials, try to buy from sustainable sources or buy materials that can be easily recycled. Such materials are likely to have less of a negative environmental impact. To avoid damage, pilfering, and spoilage of materials, aim to reduce storage time – plan to have materials delivered just in time for the building stage. This can save you having to unnecessarily restock materials and can reduce waste.

Recycle waste materials

Any materials that you don’t use should be recycled where possible. While it can be an extra hassle, you could make money back by selling these waste supplies. Some suppliers will take back unused materials and even take back packaging for reuse. If this isn’t possible, try looking for other companies that specialize in buying waste materials such as reclaimed wood suppliers and scrap metal recycling companies. There are guides on recycling waste materials that can offer more information on this process.

Conserve water

A lot of water can be used in the construction process, which itself has an environmental impact. Try to find creative ways to reduce mains water consumption. There could be other ways of harvesting water such as collecting rainwater or collecting condensation from on-site HVAC units – this can be used for processes such as cement mixing. Guides such as this one offer more information on conserving water on a construction site.

Go paperless

Construction comes with its fair share of paperwork just like any other industry. However, a lot of this paperwork can be digitized. Rather than carrying around paper plans, contracts, and documents, consider using a tablet to easily carry around this information. Rather than using physical mail to post letters and invoices, switch to email. By reducing paper consumption, you can help save trees and save money.