Sealing a deck is important for many reasons. Sure, it’s part of regular deck maintenance, but what does that really mean?

When you choose to seal a deck, you protect it from moisture and UV rays all while preserving its natural color and grain. Normally you’ll want to seal your deck every year or two unless your climate calls for a sealing every season.

But how much will that cost you? We know this question is bound to come up, so here are the major factors that affect the cost of sealing a deck and an estimate of how much it normally costs.

Square Footage

Most of the time if you’re getting a deck sealed professionally, the cost will be affected by how big your deck is. Deck sealers will normally have their prices listed per square foot so that you can get a handle on how expensive a job might be.

So, if you have a big deck you can expect to pay the big bucks and vice versa if your deck is smaller. No matter what shape or size though, it’s important to make sure your deck is stained!


Another major factor of deck sealing is the supplies. Often when you’re getting your deck sealed, it will need to be properly prepared.

That includes sanding, power washing, and sanding again, which a professional deck sealer will usually take care of. That means you’re paying for the sanding materials and the power washer, not just the sealant and the materials needed to put the sealant on the deck.

You can always opt to repair your deck before you have it sealed if you want to try to knock off some dollars, but it’s all about what you feel more comfortable with and more capable of.

Overall Cost

So, if you’re like almost one-fourth of America and have a deck that needs sealing, your price will rest on the size of your deck and the materials that you need to accomplish the job.

Deck sealing with these factors plus the time it takes to actually get the job done will end up costing anywhere between $500 and $800. The number is bound to fluctuate, but it’s all mainly dependent on who you’re hiring to do the job because the hourly wage will also impact how expensive the sealing is. If you’ve still got some questions lingering, you can read on here.

Sealing a Deck Made Easy

And just like that, not only do you know how much sealing a deck might cost, but you’ve also got some insight into what makes deck sealing cost as much as it does. While it may seem pricey, there is always the option to do it yourself, that just comes with its own pros and cons. Whether your heart is set on hiring or you think you can DIY, you’ve got your own personal guide hereat the touch of a button.

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