S3DA Design has been contracted to provide Structural Design Services for A New Modern House. In this project, our collaboration with an architectural design firm is meant to create a structural design and calculation for a residential building. There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms and two stories included in this brand-new single-family house.

The house is situated in an economy-efficient area found by the architecture company. The home also includes two-car garages and decks. To have access to wonderful views, the owner’s wish was to have the house higher on the hill. Therefore, an economic balance is mandatory for the architects.

The house and the garage should be constructed in the middle or just above the middle of the site. Because our objective is to benefit from BIM Revit Software to complete the architecture and engineering rapidly, we can say that the initial budget for this project is competitive.

The 1st step of structural design and calculation was completed by S3DA Design. The plans are sent to our client.