In the past,  Skirting boards were more practical than just being a decorative element in the home. They used to be in white color with only a few design options to choose from with no options to change them later.

Nowadays, there are numerous options with no constraint over choices. Solid work is still being used for creating a natural, strong look. While wood is extensively used for construction, it is also used for home floors, walls, and interior design. However, for decorative purposes, wood requires a lot of maintenance with a great probability of rotting and growing fragile with age and so needs to be revised.

Some businesses, like Metres Direct, suggest using MDF because it is simpler to manufacture and survives more than wood. In addition, they are more durable and provide greater protection from damages to the walls.

That doesn’t mean you should follow the latest trends. It is just essential to make sure the skirting in your home is durable as well as its compliance with the aesthetic you have set for your home.

How To Modernize Your Skirting Boards

Nowadays, you can choose a standard skirting board with the initial construction and their change over time. If you buy an older home, you’ll likely find solid wood materials that you might choose to change out at some point if they show signs of deterioration. Once you decide on the design concept of your home, you can then proceed with the finer details. Based on your plan, your skirting can become a focal point.

Aside from protecting the walls from damage, these adornments can promote the aesthetic. How it best matches your home depends on such factors as the style, color, and size of the material that you choose. In the past, skirt boards always stayed white without anyone giving any attention to them. Now in order to get the attention of the people, you can choose your preferred color, depth, and dimension. Below explains how you can use your skirting boards in your home aside from their functionality:

Add A Little Bit Of Color

For a long, white color was the standard choice for skirting. While in some cases, it still is the main choice, in the modern era, you can choose any color you like.

Some people prefer to paint these according to the color of their wallpaper or curtains. There is currently a wide range of available colors that you can pick up, However, you should make sure the skirting is in good repair before you paint the material. After painting and depending on the color, it might be difficult to predict when there’s a problem or if it becomes worn. Below describes some tips for the painting.

Try A Unique Design

The standard Torus or Bullnose are not the only options available from which to select. There is a wide range of designs that can prove to be equally overwhelming. In order to make the right choice, you can look at your home’s overall aesthetic and then choose the theme from that or go to a local shop or online, You can speak to an interior designer who could help you narrow things down.

If you want to use the board as a decorative element, you can consider a greater amount of detail as opposed to the simplicity of the bullnose, which is a very plain board. Today, some people use such extensive and modern profiles as the “Milan” board.

Quality MDF Materials

Quality MDF Materials

MDF boards consist of wood fibers compressed under immense pressure. The main aspect is the finish. A standard grade has an inconsistent appearance and is rough to the touch.

As a rule, while most average homes use standard MDF boards, these become brittle soon after their installation. To prevent this problem, the suggestion is to request a High-Density Fiberboard or HDF. The advantage of using these boards is that while they are not more expensive than a standard MDF, they last substantially longer. That is why it makes them a much more convenient and better option.

Customize The Size To Your Liking

At one point the size of skirting boards was as small as possible to merely serve a particular purpose. The main reason for making them small was that increasing the size would increase the cost. Now, these come in any reasonable height.

You can also choose varying thicknesses. While a thicker board adds charm, it also increases durability and makes the design stand out.

You don’t want to overpower a small space with intricate details or a tall, thick skirting board. It will be the only thing people see when they walk into your space. Instead, it’s better if everything in the room is in proportion.

That doesn’t mean you have to go with what was once the standard bullnose plain white piece just because you might have a small, narrow space. There is a broad line of products sure to fit any room on the market today. You’ll find one that will fit comfortably into your area.

Final Thought

In the past, almost every element of a home including skirting boards had its own functional purpose, without people being concerned about the aesthetics. The main use of the skirting boards is to keep the wall protected from furniture and little children’s shoes.

Actually, its look or color was never a matter of concern. Strangely, it was always white, which would be telling of scuff marks and dirt or grime.