Why wouldn’t you get creative with the spare room in your house?

Whether it’s an empty shell, ripe with opportunity, or an underused spare bedroom, making the most out of your real estate is essential. But when you transform your space, it’s doubly important that your home remodel reflects your interests and is functional for your ideal use.

There are SO many opportunities for a spare room. We’ll cover 9 conventional and unconventional ideas for that extra space in your home. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Larder

A larder was traditionally a cupboard or room that was a cool, dark place that housed seasonal items. Think canned goods, eggs, squashes, etc.

Depending on where the spare space in your home is and your interests, transforming your space into a larder could be an excellent option. This is an exciting idea for gardeners and anyone interested in preserving their food using traditional, old-school methods.

2. Crafts & Hobbies Room

Think big! Whether it’s a room for kids or strictly for yourself, having a room dedicated to crafts and hobbies is an awesome idea. If it’s work you’re doing with your hands, then having a dedicated space to organize it all could be a game-changer. Sewers/tailors, crocheters, knitters, pottery makers, embroiders, and more can benefit from a peaceful, creative area that promotes their interests and keeps all their supplies in one place.

3. Studio/Musician’s Room

Ask any music enthusiast or expert, like the folks over at Portsmouth Drum Center, and they’ll tell you the same thing — serious musicians live and breathe their music.

What better way to fully immerse yourself into music than by creating a dedicated musician’s room or studio? Home to all your favorite music, instruments, and more, a musician’s room gives you space to deep dive into your own world and emerge only when you want to.

4. Exercise Room

Okay, this one is a bit cliché, but we stand by it. Whether it’s yoga or distance running, having your own space to exercise is essential (especially if you’re not into gyms).

Physical exercise promotes positive mental health, so you’re doing your entire body a service by dedicating time and space to your health.

5. Library Office

Too often, people stick a desk against a wall in their house and call it their office. Take that to the next level by creating a library in your office space.

From books to posters to globes, your office should be a place about discovery. It should get your creative juices flowing and be the haven you go to meditate and innovate.

6. Dressing Room

Again, depending on the size and proximity of your spare room, an old-fashioned dressing room could be the thing for you (especially if you’re into fashion!).

If you’re someone with lots of clothes, shoes, and accessories, and you’ve invested in your style, creating a space that functions as a haven for you to get presentable could be just the ticket.

7. Home Theater

Big into movies and television? Got a big room that needs some love? A home theater could be for you.

Take it up a notch by investing in a project for your entire wall instead of a huge television. We promise you won’t regret it.

8. Conservatory

Attention plant hobbyists and gardeners! That spare space could be perfect as a haven for all your plants. You can create an indoor jungle, use the room as a staging area for all your seedlings, or a mix of both.

9. Bar & Game Room for Spare Room

Do you entertain a lot? Having a room dedicated to serving your guest’s awesome cocktails and brews and/or game nights is a must. Your spare room could be the ticket to scoring the #1 hangout spot among your friends.

Final Thoughts (+ A Bonus Idea)

Sure, some of these ideas are ace. While their excellent ideas on their own, the best idea could be to marry two or three of these points and transform your room into the cornucopia of awesomeness based on your interests.

Of course, this may not be possible for everyone. But what matters most is you make the most out of your space and interests.