Are you thinking of using your skills and experience to start up your own construction company? If you’ve worked in construction for some time you’ve probably considered what it would take to start up your own venture. A construction company is one of the most challenging types of companies to establish, however, it can make you a whole lot of money. There are some considerations to bear in mind with this specific kind of industry; read on to find out more.


There are a lot of costs you’ll need to consider to set up your construction company. You’ll need things like machinery and vehicles from diggers and cherry pickers, you’ll need power tools and materials too which won’t come cheap. This can make starting up in construction very expensive, more so than many other kinds of businesses. One way to keep costs down, in the beginning, is to consider hiring equipment rather than buying outright, or you could look for deals on second-hand items. Once you’re making a profit, you can always upgrade these kinds of things. While startup costs are high in construction businesses, the rewards are fantastic as there’s the chance for really good earning potential; large projects such as home extensions, even building new structures entirely take time and earn you a lot of money. It’s useful as you’ll only need to do a few jobs to be able to make enough money, compared with say a retail business that has to sell thousands of units or a company that needs to sell services to lots of people to be able to make a profit.


As a construction company, you won’t be able to do everything yourself. Specialist works such as gas, plumbing, electricity; even architectural services will need to be completed by professionals. To keep jobs running smoothly and at a reasonable price, it makes sense to have the best connections with other companies who you can call in and complete these works when they’re needed. This benefits both you and them, as you get things done quickly and efficiently, and you bring them the added business.

Health and Safety

Even ‘safe’ workplace environments like offices and shops have risks including slips, trips and falls which can injure employees. When it comes to construction, there are of course many other dangers and health and safety issues there are to overcome. When there’s power tools, vehicles, machines, and heights to contend with, there’s always a chance of injury so make sure everyone you employ has the right skills, experience, and qualifications. Employees should have the right training, and health and safety laws need to be followed to the letter. The health and safety aspect can make getting set up in construction that bit harder than most other industries.