You might be a total DIY master, or you might also be a bit of a newbie just trying to bring some sparkle into the home you know and love. Regardless of where you stand on experience, you don’t need a ton of knowledge or supplies to make a few small changes that make a big difference in the long run. From the kitchen to the bathroom and everything in between, you can find subtle renovations that pack a big punch when it comes to your home’s style. While everybody is different and has their own tastes, spicing things up here and there with some new style can be great for anyone. Here are some subtle renovations you can try out to bring a bit more pop to your home.

1. A Coat of Paint

This is likely one of the first things that popped into your mind, and for a good reason. Changing up the color of a space can be extremely transformative, even if everything else sticks around. You can change up the shade a bit or go for an entirely new hue — it’s all up to you.

2. A Little Wallpaper

Much like tossing a little paint on the walls can often do the trick of livening up a room, the same can be true of a pattern. While wallpaper was once a huge commitment, you can find removable wallpaper and stick-on wallpaper that you can easily change up and maneuver to your heart’s content.

3. Changing Up the Molding

Although plenty of homes have molding, the detailing can be extremely different from home to home. If your home has older molding that you’re looking to replace or if you simply want to add molding that wasn’t there before, including a bit of millwork can truly transform the look of any space.

4. Adding New Lighting

The way you light your space can be a means for utility, but it can also definitely be a means for decoration, too. Whether you go for a decorative lamp, a stunning artistic light fixture, or a simple hanging light, changing up the way you light your space and the kind of lighting you invite in can be a total game-changer.

5. Switching to Brighter Bulbs

Speaking of lighting, you don’t need to change the entire fixture in order to change the way your space is lit. Really, even switching out the bulbs you use can make a big difference. When you switch to brighter lightbulbs, you not only make the space feel lighter, but you can also make all of the colors more vibrant.

6. New Drawer Pulls

You don’t need to replace all of the cabinet fixtures in order to revamp the kitchen’s available storage — in fact, you can simply replace the drawer pulls if you want to give your kitchen a bit of a new look! If you went flashy before, why not try out something simplistic? Or maybe go the other way around. Whatever the prevailing style is, you can lean into it even with the smallest of details.

7. New Curtains

If you really want to think about the way you let the light in, why not replace the curtains altogether and find something that truly suits your space? If you want to bring a bit more sunshine, you can find curtains that are a little sheerer, but you can also lean the other way with total blackout curtains if those are more your speed!

8. Bringing Some Greenery

Everybody loves a little bit of greenery, so why not bring it inside to liven up your home? Whether you install a few planters, bring in some hanging plants, or even let a few lovely green specimens hang off the balcony, bringing green features indoors can make any space feel more refreshed and uplifted.

9. A Little Landscaping

While bringing the green indoors can be important, keeping an eye on the curb appeal can be just as valuable. Landscaping is an easy detail to forget about, especially during the colder months, but when you take care of the plants, shrubs, trees, and lawn on the outside, your home will have a much more put-together essence.

10. Declutter

This one isn’t exactly among subtle renovations, but it absolutely can have the same impact as one. There’s nothing like doing a serious deep clean across your whole place, and clearing the clutter can help you feel extremely put together and entirely fresh. There are so many ways you can divide and conquer, but the best bet is to tackle things room by room in order to move swiftly through the task.

11. Backsplash It

Whether you’re talking about the kitchen or the bathroom, adding a backsplash can sometimes be the exact pop of flavor you need to make an otherwise ordinary space absolutely gorgeous. Backsplashes don’t take a while to install, and you can totally have fun with them in order to express your personality.

12. Mirror Image

Do you want to open up your space, get more light in, and make everything feel bigger and more spacious? Why not add a floor-to-ceiling mirror or even just a wall mirror into your space? Not only is this a simple addition, but it can also do so much in terms of opening things up.

13. Additional Shelving

One thing that people can pretty much never get enough of is storage space, and you can totally use it for whatever feels right in your home. Whether it’s meant to serve your serious home library or simply house a few more decor items, adding additional shelving in optimal places throughout the home can give you a bit more charm and a lot more function.

Subtle Renovations to Transform Your Home

No matter what your style is like, how long you’ve owned your home or even the changes you’ve already made to the space, there is always more opportunity for you to be just a little more satisfied with the place you hang your hat. From adding a coat of paint to getting down and dirty with the landscaping, you can do it all to love your home. Do you have a renovation you’re itching to try?

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Author Bio:

Rose is the managing editor of Renovated. She’s most interested in sharing home projects and inspiration for the most novice of DIY-ers, values she developed growing up in a family of contractors.