There have been continuous changes in the plumbing, electrical and mechanical industries. Besides this, the trends coming from modern technology could blow your mind if you never expected them to come. The world is making a faster change, and the MEP sector is not left out. However, don’t panic or worry because a significant percentage of these advancements shape the current world and are excellent and exciting. In this post, we’ll ensure you’re in the loop by taking you through the new trends in sustainable MEP design. So, let’s start

Construction Site Automation

Like other work aspects, automation significantly impacts the hereafter of sustainable MEP designs and construction projects. Robots are now doing some of the laborious and exhausting tasks that human beings used to do. These robots are more cost-effective and much quicker.

Examples of these robots include stonework robots and bricklaying robots. Also, expect more robots to appear in the future.

Value Engineering

Value has a significant impact these days since pricing dictates everything. As a result, this explains why value engineers have entered the market. These engineers play a vital role in checking if an investment cost is worth the project value.

The demand for value engineers has recorded a rapid increase for the past few years. Also, expect this demand to keep rising even in the future.

Zero Energy Emission Constructions

The world is following a greener path, and constructing buildings that create and produce zero emissions takes a significant section of this move.

However, this move is in progress, and where you come from will determine how efficient you’ll be. But it’s vital to bear this in mind while constructing new buildings.

The UAE and Europe lead in implementing this move, but several other countries are also joining this suit. Therefore, ensure you invest in zero energy emission buildings because this is the focus of many markets.

Pre-Fabrication Projects

Prefab has been playing a critical role in construction projects, but currently, they help a lot in speeding up things dramatically. The entire construction project parts are built in different areas and then assembled in one specific place.

Use of Drones

The reliance on drones keeps increasing in MEP and construction projects from one day to another because of several excellent reasons. The reliance on drones speeds up the decision-making exercise that used to take a lifetime.

They make this possible without considering if they take aerial site photos, map out the area using various demographics, and much more.

Research shows that construction equipment worth approximately $300M to $1B is stolen per year. However, with drones surveying the construction sites, the construction equipment will be safer.

5D & 3D Modelling

Currently, every individual is after the 3D models of a project to see everything going on. The 3D models play a critical role for MEP functionality in ensuring the projects remain organized and give a clear picture of how everything looks and runs.

However, technological advancement has led to the integration of 5D models in the market. With 5D models, any investor and stakeholder can see the visual picture of their projects’ cost and economic value. As a result, 5D models have taken all the things in this field one more step ahead.

Final Thoughts

The rapid digitalization increase has proven to have value in the MEP design industry as well as sustainable MEP design. The pandemic has accelerated the need for technology use, allowing the MEP sector to implement new workflows, methods, and technologies. The MEP industry has adopted these changes to ensure enhanced success across various projects and tackle any challenge more effectively and efficiently. Therefore, expect even more trends soon.

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