Moving into 2021, people are going to start seeing new, bold design techniques and trends. Every year, interior decorating gets something new to spice it up – it might not be a completely new concept, but you’re definitely going to see interior design trends growing and changing with the times. This is, of course, something that changes significantly every year, and especially changes every few years. It’s more common for you to see smaller changes becoming apparent regularly and larger changes becoming apparent every few decades. If you want to know what’s going to be popular moving forward, it’s always a good idea to look at what’s been popular in the past. Here are some 2021 basement design techniques to take from some popular Airbnb basements.

1. Utilize Colors Well

Colors will always be a changing interior design trend. Whether the current trend is all about big, bold colors or it’s fixated mostly on neutral colors, you’re always going to see something new in the color world. In the past, for example, it’s been common to utilize mostly neutral colors, with a few extra splashes of color throughout a room.

More recent 2021 décor trends tend to pull on more colors, but will still mostly stick to only a few complimentary colors. Colorful design options can definitely be more of an option, but you’ll need to create a design that really stands out. If you’re going with stronger colors, make sure you’re able to utilize them appropriately.

2. Play Double Duty With Furniture

This is a common element in Airbnb basements because Airbnb customers typically want basement areas that double as both sleeping areas and living areas. If you can make a basement area that’s great for hanging out and turns into a sleeping area only at night, you’ll be able to do more with a typically pretty small space, and that’s why many people utilize a “double duty” scheme.

Even if you’re not interested in turning your basement into an Airbnb hangout, you can use this concept to great effect in your own basement if you do it appropriately. Futons are key for this, but foldout sofas and indoor hammocks are also great options for anyone who needs their furniture to do double duty during the day and the night.

3. Consider Glass Doors for Outdoor Light

Glass doors and walls are a trendy way to add outdoor light into an area. Although windows are a common method of adding this type of outdoor light, some people prefer to expand into entirely glass walls. This can make a room feel like the outside is part of the room. This in turn creates an incredibly effective and luxurious way to bring nature into a room.

Although many basements sit far enough down into the door for glass doors to be unhelpful, some basements can still make effective use of glass doors, especially if they have their own private exit to the outdoors.  You can also use them as a design addition to separate a room into two in a classy, on-trend manner.

4. Add Fake Height

Basements can typically only be so tall, with most basements topping out at about eight feet. That’s why it’s becoming even more common to see people creating “fake height” with wallpaper that includes vertical lines and tall, thin furniture. This “fake height” is an effective way to make your basement feel like it contains more space than it does.

If you’re interested in creating extra height for your basement, take a look at other basements that look impressive and expansive. You’ll likely be able to take the tricks that other people use and apply them to your own basement. That way, anyone who walks into the basement will feel like it’s taller and more expansive than it is.

5. Utilize Indoor Plants

The “home Zen” movement is bigger than ever. The plants are a great way to make your home look more in tune with nature. Whether they’re real or fake, placing a few plants around the inside of your basement can make it look more natural. It is also easier to relax in, and can really change how the area feels. This is especially true in basements, which tend to have less natural light and more artificial light.

Ideally, you want your basement to feel like a comfortable place to relax, regardless of how you can achieve that. This comfort is great no matter who you have in your home, from Airbnb customers to family gatherings. That’s why many people gravitate toward changes that make their basement feel more comfortable, including indoor plants.

6. Add On-Trend Accents

One concern with “trendy” design choices is that trends change very quickly. You don’t necessarily want to design your entire basement around a trend that could easily change within a few years. This is because it could be very expensive to re-design the basement to conform to the newest design trends. The answer to this concern is to utilize on-trend accents, rather than on-trend full designs.

Essentially, you should try to design the basement around something that’s easy to build off. For example, you might want to start your basement with mostly neutral tones and simple patterns. Then, you can add accents, like furniture pieces, wall art, and rugs, that are on-trend. That way, once the trends change, you can switch out these accents at a relatively small cost to you.


The best thing you can do for your basement is to try and look past design trends. You don’t want to lean too heavily on the latest trend when designing your basement. That only guarantees you’ll end up needing to redesign in a few years when that trend has fallen. Your best option will always be to maximize your basement’s appeal far beyond design trends. This is because those trends are always going to change. Instead of designing your basement entirely around a trend, create a baseline that you personally enjoy. You can then add trendy 2021 styles that you can change out throughout the years.