Are you looking for simple yet efficient ways to improve your home and save money? If so, this article is made for you! Although paying the professional to fix every negligible damage or any issue your home might have is rather simple, it’s going to leave a huge impact on your home budget. Believe us, anyone is capable of doing these simple DIY home repair actions, all it takes is a bit of time and inventiveness. Today, we’ll reveal the top ten simple home repair hacks for all our readers.

Clean The Shower Head

After a certain time, every shower head will have limescale and other debris in those tiny holes. This prevents water flow and makes the showers less enjoyable. Luckily, this can be fixed without buying a new showerhead. Simply fasten a zip-lock bag and fill it with vinegar. Let it sit during the night, and it will cleanse your showerhead holes completely.

Insulate Your Windows Using Bubble wrap

You can insulate your windows and prevent the draft using simple bubble wrap insulation during the colder weather. Windows are the “weak spots” in the matter of thermal efficiency, and bubbles from the bubble wrap can prevent heat from escaping through the windows by “trapping” the warm air inside. Simply spray a bit of water to the inside of your window, then apply the bubble wrap on the wet glass.

Tighten The Screws with Nail Polish

Nail polish is actually a decent adhesive, and it can do wonders with the screws. If you have any screw that keeps getting loose, simply screw it tight and add a bit of nail polish on it to hold it in place.

Strengthen The Fridge Door Seals

If your refrigerator door seals become loose, this is because the magnets inside the rubber seal have lost their potency. Fortunately, this is a quite manageable fix. All you need to do is re-magnetize them by running a strong magnet couple of dozen times, and your fridge door will work just like on the first day!

Fix The Smaller Holes in The Wall with Soap

Don’t know how to fix a small hole in the wall? We got you covered! Simply rub the soap bar around the hole in the wall using a circular motion and apply a little pressure.

Clean in Between Tiles with Bowl Cleaner

Cleaning between your tiles can be very tricky, and no matter how hard you try, sometimes it simply won’t work. But did you know that bowl cleaner will get the job done efficiently? Give it a try, and you’ll realize yourself.

Improve The Air Quality Using Plants

House plants are amazing, not just because they look great, but they are efficient too. They can absorb odors and chemicals and in turn, improve the quality of your air. Rather than buying some expensive air purifier, simply add the plants throughout your house and you’ll notice the improvement in air quality.

Keep Your Pool Clean Using a Tennis Ball

You’re probably aware of how dirty pools can get, even with all the chemicals and regular cleaning. Swimmers usually leave the suntan lotions from their skin and other body oils in the water, and water and oils don’t mix. So add a couple of tennis balls to your pool and they will soak up those oils.

Use A Cooking Oil/Spray Instead of WD-40

We all have something squeaky in our homes, and it’s a well-known fact that WD-40 does wonders when it comes to fixing those unpleasant squeaks. But if you don’t have it, there is a much cheaper alternative — cooking oils and sprays. Although not efficient as WD-40, they can temporarily fix the squeaking, so give them a try.

Fix Scratches on Leather Furniture with Olive Oil

As the last home repair hack, if you own leather or faux leather furniture with scratches, there is a simple solution for this. Just add the olive oil on a cotton swab and rub it on the scratches in a circular motion. Leave the oil to dry for at least one hour, and wipe it with a clean cloth.


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