Signage is essential to every business. It provides a way in which a business can increase sales, improve brand awareness, and stand out from the rest.

Whether your business is a shop, restaurant, corporation, or a café, you will need signage to market your services. Also, you can use signs for expos, conventions, and trade shows. You could use channel letters, large banners, signage boards, light box signs, and/or LED neon signs. The type of signage that you choose depends on your business needs and the opportunities are limitless.

Luckily, there are sign makers and contractors who can make signage based on your needs and can custom sign types to your requirements.

However, your signage needs to be effective in sending the message it is meant to. Here are 4 tips for effective business signage.

  1.   Embrace Simplicity

Any signage should be simple for it to be effective. Your audience should understand the signage with one look. To keep it simple, only include what is essential and have as few features and little information as possible. Crowding the signage can be confusing to the audience.

The signage should be easy to read. The letters and words should be clear. So, if it’s a billboard or an outdoor sign, the information should be in large font that can be read from afar. The neon sign should have clear letters that are easy to read.

Use a font that’s legible and simple with not too much ornamentation. Ensure the letters are large enough so the audience can read them without squinting. Put enough space between the letters and use as few words as possible.  Keep the words as short as possible.

  1.   Consider The Size

How large do you want your signage? This depends on a few factors such as where you want to place the signage, and how far it is from the target audience.

Your sign should be visible from afar. If you are using the same ad but in different spots, you can scale up or down the dimensions to fit. Alternatively, and even better, you can customize the ads to fit the spot. For example, the signage to be placed inside the building should not be as large as the one on the billboard.

  1.   Incorporate Your Branding

Remember your business brand when creating the signage. This way, your audience will identify with your brand when they see your signs.

Also, your audience is likely to act on the signage if they can identify your brand. Therefore, if you are advertising a product or service, your audience is likely to try it out when they recognize your brand.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you must include everything about your brand on the signage. You can limit it to a few items such as the color, font, tagline, and your product or service photos. You can also include the logo if you have enough space.

  1.   Light The Signage

Lighting the signage makes it stand out and people are likely to see it. Lighting is especially useful if you want your audience to see your signage while it is dark.

For example, billboards are lit so they can be visible even in the dark.

You can also use LED signs or lightboxes, especially on the building when you want your audience to see it at night.

If you apply these tips, you are sure likely to create effective business signage that will meet your goals. It is always good to seek professional help from sign makers if you find the task of creating signage daunting.