When you’re looking to make some home improvements, build on to your home, and getting ready to start a remodeling/renovation venture, you’re likely compiling a list of the materials and tools that you need to get the job done effectively and cheaply. A quick browse through any home improvement store will show you that the possibilities are endless when it comes to the varied selection of materials that you can use; it all depends on what you’re hoping to get out of these materials and what structures you’re using them for. Every home is different, and you want to pick the best materials for the job (and your budget).

One material that more and more homeowners and residential builders are beginning to use is thermoset plastics. Many builders think of thermoset plastics as a material regulated to commercial and industrial construction, but that’s wrong. Thermoset plastics can be used in a wide variety of settings and is a genuine, inexpensive, and functional option for any renovation or remodel project.

Thermoset plastics are a great building material because of their unique composition. Thermosetting plastics, the practice of applying heat to plastic over time, causes a chemical compound reaction: once heated, the plastics cannot ever revert back to their original state. Once it undergoes this process, whereby it creates an irreversible chemical bond, the thermoset plastic can never be reshaped or altered. Because of this, it’s structural integrity is incredibly sound and cannot melt or break easily. It can be molded into almost any shape and still retain its structure and integrity. This is why thermoset plastics are so commonly used in a wide variety of building projects and are used especially often in settings where they will be exposed to heat or cold or put under a lot of pressure (such as vents, electrical housing, insulators, heat shields, motors, and more). A few examples of thermoset plastics include Epoxy, Phenolic, and DAP (Diallyl Phthalate).

Whatever home project/building project you’re working on, using thermoset plastics is a great choice. Due to their structural integrity and strong composition, they will withstand the test of time even when exposed to extreme heat or cold, chemicals, pressure, and much more. In addition to their stable and strong composition, thermoset plastics are also much more affordable than their counterparts. This is another reason why builders prefer to use thermoset plastics for a wide variety of jobs, both residential and commercial. Thermoset plastics are able to meet material specifications while remaining much cheaper than other types of production materials. If you’re looking for a strong material while still trying to remain under budget, thermoset plastics might just be the answer.

If you’re commencing a building project and need a heat resistant, chemical resistant material to house electrical wires, vents, or shields, and you need it affordably, then thermoset plastics are the right choice for you. This virtually indestructible material is a favorite of builders everywhere.