Summer is the best time to paint in Sydney as the paint dries up quickly, and many people have holidays this season. The weather elements and temperature conditions impact how paint settles on your walls and affects its texture. For most homeowners in Sydney, summer is a suitable time for painting their house.

Whether you want to repaint your interiors, door, windows, or exterior walls, summer can be the best time to get your hands dirty with your favorite colors. However, homeowners in Sydney should be mindful of the extreme temperature and heat in the summer. It can be tough for painters to work on exterior walls and hot surfaces.

The scorching heat can cause dehydration and stroke to homeowners and painters. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your body and health in the summer. Let us explore the best tips to paint your home in summer.

Summer is the right time to paint

Summer is a great time to paint your home in Sydney. You may not even need a dryer or heater to dry the paint. Opening the windows to let the warm air circulate through your rooms dries out the paint quickly.  This reduces bothersome paint odors and can even help paint dry faster than normal.

Delay the drying of paint

The paint dries too fast in the summer, especially on the exterior walls that receive direct sun. The faster drying of paint can leave brush and lap marks in the finish. Therefore, it becomes essential to delay the drying of paint by adding some type of additive. Floetrol is a water-based additive that you can add to the paint to give a longer wet edge to the paint. It will delay the drying process and prevent the brush and lap marks enabling you to receive a clean and smooth finish.

Follow the shade

Painters should not paint the walls and surfaces in the direct sun as the paint does not adhere properly on a hot surface. The heat stops the paint from penetrating and bonding with the surface. To prevent this problem, painters should always try to paint in the shade. You can choose the morning or evening time to paint the walls as the sun is not so harsh at these times and walls are not too hot.

In the middle of the day, the sun is harsh, and the surfaces are hot. You can utilize this time for prep work like sanding, filling the cracks, cleaning the surfaces, etc. Painters can also paint the interior walls during the mid-day.

Use an Ice Bath

Direct sunlight is not the only reason for paint losing so much water in the summer. Instead, it is the heat that enables the evaporation of water from the paint. You can add some ice to the paint bucket to slow down the evaporation. However, adding too much ice can dilute the paint. It is best to keep the paint bucket in a tray containing ice. In this way, the paint will stay cold, but the ice will not dilute the paint as it is outside the bucket containing paint.

Prepare the surfaces

If you spend the right amount of time preparing the surfaces to be painted, you can achieve the paint job’s best results. This step is important when deciding to paint your home. Each type of coating requires a different method of surface preparation. Some types of siding are easier to prepare than other types of siding. For example, the plaster will take longer to prepare than plaster siding. However, when you work hard to prepare your exterior walls, they will pay off when you see a great paint job.

Use high-quality paints

When painting your home, you need to make sure that your hard work does not go waste when it starts to fade quickly, or even if it starts to take off. To prevent this from happening prematurely, you not only need to prepare the surfaces properly, but you also have to use quality paint. By spending a few extra bucks on the right paint, you can ensure that your paint looks its best for as long as possible.

Choose the right color

If you are considering painting a wall in the summer, then you need to make a decision about the wall color. If you want to create a calm and serene environment in your rooms, you can choose a cool gray or relaxing yellow shade for your interiors.

If you want to bring the outdoors in and create a similar atmosphere, choose a neutral color and place some planters in your rooms. Light shades of yellow and pink will do the magic and offer you a calm and vibrant atmosphere at the same time.

Chase the shade while painting exteriors

When painting in summer, the sun is likely to come out, but staying in the shade is the best option for outdoor painting. To do this, start painting on the shadowy part of your house and follow the shadow as the sun moves across the sky throughout the day. Staying in the shade is important because direct sunlight increases the surface temperature you paint, and air temperatures can increase temperatures outside your home by up to 15 degrees.

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Final Words

Painting a home is summer is not as easy as you need to consider all the factors like temperature, moisture, and health. The key to do it is to work in the shade and paint the walls when they are cool to enable the paint to settle properly on the surfaces. Moreover, hiring a professional painting service is best to get a high-quality finish and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.