Renovating an old home can help make changes that cater to your present lifestyle. Also, if you want to sell the house and shift elsewhere, it ensures you get a good resale value. But if you have a tight budget, you need to plan accordingly. 

Let’s be more specific, and talk about the city of Denver. The minimum cost of home renovation in the city in 2024 is $10,172, and the maximum is $81,376. On average, you need to pay $45,774. So, you have to choose wisely for any service, from landscaping to kitchen refurbishment and  window replacement in Denver.

Thankfully, the city has several home renovation contractors you can work with and decide what’s best for you. However, it is necessary to opt for a few renovation hacks within your budget. This article will discuss five renovation tactics you can follow.

Upgrade Cabinets

New cabinets will make you spend several dollars. Here, you don’t just have to pay for the demolition, but also for cabinets and installation expenses. If you can dismantle the current cabinets well, you can make some money by selling them on a garage sale or online market

Regardless of recouping costs or not, you have to pay a hefty amount for new cabinets. Does that seem out of your budget? If so, the other idea can be to tweak your current cabinets rather than getting them replaced.

You can simply switch the cabinet hardware and give your kitchen a new look. In case they require a complete overhaul, painting the kitchen cabinets is a good idea. You can select a new shade that will be cost-effective for you.

Substitute Bath Hardware

If your bathroom looks old and jaded, it does need a renovation. However, that can require ample money and time. A smart way to add value without a complete makeover is to change the current hardware on the cabinets. You can also change the sink fixtures to give your bathroom a polished look.

Swapping from chrome to a golden shade can provide your room with a new vibe. Additionally, when you replace the shower faucet, it can instantly give the space a spa-like appearance.

Opt for Window Replacement  

There are many reasons why you should think about replacing your home windows. New windows will bring in more energy efficiency. It will also create a new impact and be attractive to potential buyers. 

Reasons why you should get new windows for your old house are:

  • If the old windows are made of metal and vinyl and have developed rust on them.
  • If the windows get damaged because of water infiltration.
  • If there is wood decay and the windows are beyond repair.
  • If the windows are leaky and drafty.
  • If there has been damage because of a storm.
  • If the windows open with difficulty.

Wallaby Windows states that you should look for experts who can customize a design that caters to your choice and budget. Customers have the option to select from varied natural wood finishes and beautiful colors that complement their home, internally and externally.

Invest in Built-in Bookshelves

What is the one thing that most homebuyers want? It’s more storage. Nothing can create a striking focal point in your house than an in-built bookshelf. Even though a detached bookshelf works best, it fails to add value like the way a built-in bookshelf does. More so if it’s constructed of high-quality wood.

It’s one of the practical ways to add class and beauty to a room. It’s more so when they are encompassing a fireplace. You might want to hire a contractor or get it done all by yourself. Once you decide to add this feature, you will find ample options surrounding it.

Enhance the Landscaping

When you upgrade your landscape, you make way for getting the best ROI. You can make minor improvements, simply by pressure washing the walkways, landscape lighting, adding fresh mulch, planting flowers, and creating a fire pit. It can boost the appearance of your yard without doing much.

You can also plant flowers in visible areas. Here you can flank the walkway or the front door to ensure that your house is visible and grabs attention from the street. You might also want to prune the shrubs and trees. It’s a kind of maintenance that can convert the yard from wild to manicured and add to your overall home value.

In conclusion, renovating an old house doesn’t always have to be expensive or challenging. By making small tweaks, you can give your house a new look while retaining its unique essence. When you have a budget to maintain, count on the hacks discussed above. It will help you remodel your house within your budget capacity and help you get a good resale price.