As good as its name indicates, the internet is an enormous web. Millions of websites are intricately woven to each other. And the one at the center holds immense significance and authority. This central website is determined by the number of backlinks it contains.

Backlinks play a critical role in SEO and ranking of a website. Search engines consider websites with a higher number of backlinks as trustworthy sites. Thus, they bring these sites up in the search results.


That said, building backlinks to a website is not a simple feat. For instance, when working on a cannabis website SEO, building links from a website of low rank can do more harm than good. Here are the top 7 sources for backlinking medical dispensaries.

Source #1: Guest Blogs

Guest blogs are a trusted choice for many website owners keen on boosting their search ranking. A guest blog is a content post that you make on another website that ranks higher.

Submit guest blogs to higher authority websites. By doing so, a link forms between your website and that higher ranked one. This is a good idea to draw in organic traffic and help increase the cannabis website rank.

Building backlinks with cannabis guest blogs

  • Search for “cannabis guest blogs”, “cannabis write for us” or “cannabis contributes for us”.
  • From the list of websites that accept guest posts, pick those with higher Domain Authority or DA. Prefer ones that have a DA ranking higher than 30.
  • Take the help of SEO tools such as Moz for knowing the DA rank of cannabis websites.
  • Check their Cannabis Guest Post Submission Guidelines and submit your best piece of content naturally including a backlink to your website accordingly. And there you go!


Source #2: Job Portals and Directories

Job portals and directories exclusive to cannabis draw a good amount of traffic for obvious reasons. They make great choices as backlink websites with good domain authority.

Building backlinks with job portals and directories

  • Create a cannabis job on cannabis exclusive job portals such as WeedHire or 420 Careers with a link to your Cannabis website.
  • Similarly, add all the details of your medical dispensary to related directories.
  • Depending on the range of your dispensary, choose local, national, or global directory.
  • Take care to submit the latest details and information while adding your dispensary in the directory.

Source #3: Forums and Discussions

Forums and discussion site always abuzz with people and fans looking for a product. THC Talk and GrassCity are some great forums that can help boost the Cannabis website SEO.

Building backlinks with forums and discussion sites

Forums and discussion sites do not accept links to other websites as such. They consider them a spammy attempt in the worst cases. Here’s what you can do to add a dispensary without sounding spam:

  • Tip 1: Write great answers to relevant questions for users of these forums. In the middle or the end, include the link to the dispensary very naturally.
  • Tip 2: Establish a good profile for the dispensary on the forum. Add the link to the website in the signature and append it for every answer.


Source #4: Web 2.0:

When building a website for a medical dispensary, choose a reputed web 2.0 component. For instance, Medium, WordPress, Joomla, or BlogSpot are proven options to bring organic traffic.

Building backlinks with web 2.0

As these Web 2.0 sites themselves own greater domain authority, they help in Cannabis website SEO.

  • Post blogs and articles on the website with informative content that users love to read.
  • Add a backlink to your dispensary in each blog post.

Source #5: Comments

Look for reputed websites and blogs related to medical dispensaries. Commenting on the articles, or in their social media can act as rich backlinks.

Building backlinks with comments

Commenting with links might not sound ethical as it looks. Also, many websites may not allow URLs in the comments section for obvious reasons.

  • Write comments educationally.
  • Establish trust and add value to the readers and users.
  • Organically include a backlink to your dispensary.
  • Adding the website URL in the signature helps in this case too.

Source #6: On-site content

When it comes to drawing organic traffic, nothing beats the quality content on the website. Investing in good quality content directly helps in a Cannabis website SEO.

Building backlinks with on-site content

  • Create engaging and authentic content that imparts value to the readers.
  • Make sure to design a human-readable content that can stick the users to your website.
  • Long-form content designed with good keyword density, proper formatting, sentence structure, and readability helps immensely in SEO ranking.


Source #7: Press Releases

Press releases draw attention from a wide range of audiences and thus make a good source of high domain backlinks.

Building backlinks with press releases

  • Create a press release about the latest products of the dispensary.
  • Include backlinks naturally at selected places in the press release.
  • Submit it to news websites that have proven domain authority.


Backlinks from high authority domains are a great and inexpensive choice to enhance the SEO visibility of the medical dispensary website. Make sure to approach the sources mentioned in a non-spammy way. A blend of good quality on-site content along with backlinks is a sure-shot way to rank high on search engines.