2017 was an extremely productive year in the field of architectural design. As with any rapidly evolving art, there’s a leaning towards certain styles. To this end, thorough research has been carried out in order to ascertain the architectural trends to anticipate in 2018.

The impact of architects in society cannot be over-emphasized. Many times, the architectural design of a community is the defining factor in that space. Architectural trends not only inform the present outlook, but they also define the future of that area.

Architectural trends 2018 - California

However, as the name implies, they are just trends. A trending interior design today might be frowned upon culturally tomorrow. And, as you know, the structural walls or design of a building are not easily changed when they are no longer in vogue. For that reason, architects have adopted a more ever-green approach when it comes to architectural trends, favoring longevity over other considerations.

Architectural trends 2018 - Interior Design

The top architectural trends for home Design

Open Space Living

This type of architectural design is adopted to eliminate the boundaries in different sections of the house and encourage harmony and openness. With open space living, your home enjoys that warm and friendly aura and segregation is almost non-existent. This structural design is especially suitable for families where they have children growing up. Here, the children are discouraged from the normal isolation concomitant with this phase of their life.

Architectural trends 2018 - living room

This is one architectural trend we look forward to in 2018 as it promises to add color and life to an otherwise flat-looking space. It is best to incorporate an interior design that uniquely distinguishes the different zones. For example, there can be changes in floor level, a distinct grouping of furniture, change in lighting, etc. These techniques will go a long way in creating a really exciting open space.

Natural Lighting

For many years, architects have employed the unique trend of natural lighting due to the plethora of benefits it offers. Although artificial lighting recently became a thing as a result of technological advancement, this architectural trend did not enjoy the spotlight for so long.

Architectural trends 2018 - Natural lighting- interior

Natural lighting, an aesthetic enhancement that clearly amplifies the beauty and elegance of both the interior designs and the outer layer. The acoustic features, pieces of art, and furniture groupings, and other enhancements are more endearing when the appropriate lighting is employed. Another benefit of natural lighting is flexibility and dynamism. During the day, the ambiance closely patterns that of the sun and the brightness and color are defined with the passing of the cloud.

Architectural trends 2018 - Natural lighting

Smart Home Devices

The advent of sophisticated tech has heralded smart home gadgets and an upward trend is predicted. In the last ten years, the rate at which the market has flourished is unprecedented and we can only imagine what 2018 has in stock.

Perhaps, one reason for the widespread adoption of this architectural trend is the comfort it brings. Smart home devices make our homes more functional and interactive. Chores that were otherwise boring are now done with so much joy and fervor.

Architectural trends 2018 - lighting - interior

The scope of smart home devices covers home automation which involves the management and control of lighting, HVAC, security, other home appliances, etc.

Architects are on the verge of adding data lines to certain parts of the home which include bathrooms and kitchens. With pundits observing carefully the developments in these smart electronics, we might just have an accurate prediction of the possibilities in the years to follow.

Architectural trends 2018- exterior

The architectural trend of smart home devices only proves that humans relish every form of comfort and the imminent innovations will only strive to make life much easier.

Anticipated Color Trends in 2018

Pantone Color Institute, an organization which forecasts color trends in order to help companies identify the suitable colors to employ released an exciting discovery. They have revealed the different colors to look out for and the outcome applies to a wide range of industries. Homes, offices, manufacturing firms, religious buildings, schools, etc.

Architectural trends 2018 - color

Verdure: This color trend is symbolic of health and greenness. Vegetable colors like Celery, in this pallet, infused with eggshell blue or purple are expected.

Resourceful: Complementary blue and orange colors are expected in this tone. The blue in this mix gives the otherwise warm tone a cool aura.

Playful: As the name implies, fun, adventure, fun! Colors in this pallet are bright yellow, lime Popsicle, and the likes.

Discretion: this is antithetical to Playful. The hues are covert and elusive and they give off an aura of strength. Elderberry, Hawthorne Rose, and Pink fall into this category.

Far-fetched: The tone is warm and earthy, cutting across a wide range of cultures and traditions. Corn silk Yellow infused with rosy tones does justice to the pallet.

Intricacy: This is a palette of the new neutrals with a touch of dramatic Holly Berry red. It is also tipped to come off as huge in 2018.

TECH-nique: Bright turquoise, pinkish and violet colors fostered with White and iced Almond speak technology like never before.

Intensity: This is an assorted mix of colors that evokes strength, grit, and elegance at the same time. The color is then topped off with black and gold, an irresistible finish.

By the end of the year, we will be revealing the grand color of the year and the whole architecture community is buzzing with excitement at the unveiling of this trend.

We are currently witnessing innovation, adroitness, and ingenuity like never before and the future even promises to be more exciting. Structures are now reflecting the styles and norms of the society and these architectural trends are expected to burgeon.