Long used by celebrities, tinted windows in cars have several benefits apart from protecting the privacy of the passengers. In addition to improving the aesthetics of the vehicle, window tints keep the inside of the car cooler, protect the upholstery from fading, protect your skin from sunburn, and even offer better protection from the glass shattering. A quick look at these functional benefits of window tint films:

Keeps the Car Cooler and Improves the Performance of the Air Conditioning 

If you live in a warm climate, keeping the car comfortably cool can be quite a job. Applying a window tint film can reduce the heat buildup inside the car by up to 65% depending on the grade of the film used. When the AC does not have to run continuously at its maximum power, it can significantly improve the power delivery of the engine making the car perform better and improve its fuel efficiency.

Keeps the Upholstery from Fading

By applying a tint film on the windows of the car, you can prevent the sun’s rays from directly striking the inside of the car and help to protect the upholstery from fading. Even the plastics inside the car remain protected from discoloration and cracking and warping due to the intense light and heat building up inside the car. A professional car window tinting service will also advise you on the regulations applicable to the degree of tinting that is permissible in your state.

Safeguards Health

Prolonged exposure to the UV radiation in the sun’s rays can accelerate skin aging. In addition to skin burns, extended exposure to UV radiation is also known to be a cause of skin cancer. According to https://www.skincancer.org, there are more cases of skin cancer every year in America than all other types of cancers combined. Window tinting can be extremely beneficial for people who do a lot of driving during the daytime as the film block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays in the sunshine. Window tinting also helps to significantly reduce eye fatigue arising from the glare of the sun.

Protects Passengers from Shattering Glass

Even though modern glass technology prevents the glass in the windscreen and windows from breaking into sharp pieces, the flying glass can still be hazardous to the face and the eyes. The application of the tint film prevents the glass from flying off after shattering as they remain stuck to the film because of the adhesive. The extra strength that the glass gets from the film is also a deterrent to burglars wanting to break the glass to steal valuables from inside your car.

Improved Privacy 

Window tints in cars have been long used to lend extra privacy to the passengers of the car. This is helpful not only to celebrities to keep them protected from the public gaze all the time but also to safeguard the inside of the vehicle as it can deter prying eyes.


As is evident, applying window tints on car windows has multiple benefits. It can help to keep your car cooler, improve its fuel efficiency, keep the upholstery, and plastics in a better condition, safeguard your health, prevent injuries as well as protect your privacy.