These days, CISCO certifications are the key parameters as well as grading factors to cheery pick IT professionals in big firms in the US and across the world. The certifications are beneficial for both the employees and employers. Did you know that many IT experts have witnessed great career prospects in IT firms after receiving CCNA or CCNP certifications?

According to an article published on, when preparing for CISCO CCNA 200-301, do not over answer; make your answers accurate and succinct without beating about the bush instead. Therefore, if you are preparing for these certifications, here are the top benefits of the same:

Improved learning curve

While preparing to attain the CCNA certification, you get an opportunity to widen your knowledge and build a rock-solid tactic of grasping the key concepts of CISCO networking courses. Irrespective of whether you have many years of experience and training in networking, it is imperative to boost your skills to stand out from the rest in this age of stiff competition.

There is no substitute for experience, but these certifications are extremely essential to keep you updated and improve your learning curve so that you become familiar with the current technological developments in the IT sector.

Career boost and lucrative paychecks

The worth of employees in reputed IT firms is determined depending on these certifications. When you are working as a network professional, you can climb up the corporate ladder faster than your team members provided you are CCNA and CCNP certified.

With these certifications, you can also expect a better paycheck compared to your teammates who aren’t CISCO certified. Therefore, you should make the most out of this opportunity to see roughly a double hike when it comes to your monthly paycheck. So if your appraisals are just around the corner, add your certifications in your achievement lists. It will benefit you.

Recognition at your workplace

Once you crack the certification exams, you receive that perfect prerogative as well as recognition at your place of work. You can also add the certification skills in your resume when applying for a better job compared to your current company. Remember that the certification remains applicable for three years, implying that you need to reap the maximum benefits of your CCNA or CCNP certification in the future.

When you have CCNA certifications, you also receive your due respect at your workplace. The other team members look up to you as a role model.

Qualify to enroll in other CISCO courses

Many CISCO certifications expect you to crack the CCNA test in the first place and only then, you can start competing for other CISCO programs. A valid certification implies that you qualify to be enrolled in other CISCO training programs. Once you clear the CCNA certification, try your hand on CISCO certified network-administrator certification test. If you are dedicated and focused, you will clear this certification as well for a brilliant career ahead.


The CCNA and CCNP certifications have evolved to become the most popular and demanded IT networking course boosting your career prospects in this domain.