Designing your home the way you want doesn’t just involve tearing down walls and forming the layout. One of the most important visual elements of home design is the color scheme you use throughout your space.

Especially as trends have expanded and people have been developing more unique and defined styles, color holds so many opportunities for design fun. No need to adhere to the classics — if you like a little adventure, many bolder colors are trending in interior design. Here are just a few of your options from a wide selection of trending color palettes.

1. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones have been a big trend over the past few years, and their casual sophistication makes it easy to see exactly why. Jewel tones are all about using the deepest, richest version of any hue, ranging all throughout the color spectrum.

Mixing jewel tones in a living space is also a great way to show range and creativity. Combinations like forest green and mauve or ocher and magenta work stunningly.

2. Mixing Neutrals

Speaking of mixing colors, another recent trend in color design is the strong reliance on neutrals that is sweeping so many spaces right now. Although neutrals have long been the background players of many color schemes, neutrals are taking over as the shining stars of so many living spaces.

Having a sliding scale of different neutral tones within a space can be a color scheme in itself, and that can be extremely stylish.

3. Dark and Light

Even though staying within the same shade is often a clean and simple look, creating contrast and variation is one of the best ways to make a space visually dynamic. 

Whether you go for the full black-and-white contrast or you do another variation like navy and white or black and beige, going for contrast in the details can add layers to any room.

4. Navy as Neutral

Navy has been another shining color in the past few years. While the navy has been considered semi-neutral for quite some time, plenty of people are throwing their caution to the wind and embracing the navy in all its neutrality. 

This can be a great color to lean on if you love going dark, but black isn’t the right choice for you right now.

5. Monochrome

Although mixing colors is a wonderful option for some, plenty of people have a prevailing favorite that sticks with them. In these cases, there’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to create a statement with a monochrome design scheme. Typically, homeowners opt for white, black, or other neutrals to establish a modern, streamlined design.

Of course, plenty of monochrome looks are stylish and sophisticated — see the all-white kitchen trend — but you can also go a little wild with monochrome by decking a room out in blue, pink, green — or whatever your heart desires.

6. Greyscale

Getting a bit more specific with the neutral family, going greyscale has been quite popular in recent years all over the home. One of the many benefits of going a bit more grey is the opportunity to accessorize with other neutrals as well as pops of more vibrant colors. 

However, turning to the greyscale itself can actually be dynamic on its own, as it can bring depth to even the coolest-toned rooms.

7. Boho Mix

Of course, we can’t forget about the starry-eyed rainbow flower child of the color trends. While some iteration of this trend has always been around, so many more people have been embracing it in recent years than before. 

Even with the very put-together aesthetic that earth tones can bring, there are plenty of people who would rather express themselves in psychedelic colors.

Even though it’s eclectic, bohemian styles can have streamlined themes. Indoor plants, pastels, and patterns can all serve as a great focal point for Bohemian style. Sometimes it just makes sense to go with the flow on everything.

Trending Color Palettes in Home Design

At the end of the day, home decor and design are all about the people who are going to live in that space and what they want to see there. There are so many different ways to play with color, from the sleek and sophisticated all the way to the wild and bohemian — and you can go with whatever makes you feel happiest in your home. These trending color palettes can give you a starting place as you shape your interior design goals.


Author’s Bio:
Evelyn Long is an experienced writer and editor with a subject matter specialization in real estate and construction. Passionate about connecting data with the human element of housing insights. Co-founder of Renovated, a web magazine for the home industry.