Do you plan to purchase or construct a new house? Whether you want a structure to live in or an investment structure, there are several top-notch options to consider as you think of making that significant step of your life. This informative post will cover the main types of residential design to consider. Let’s start!

1) Single-Family Detached House

The single-family detached home is the most traditional style of all residential structures. This residential style has been around for centuries and remains one of today’s most popular forms. With its great durability, low maintenance costs, easy upkeep, and long life span, this is the best option if you want your residence to last longer than 20 years. Since it can be placed anywhere in the property, from rural areas to urban ones, the single-family detached home offers a lot of freedom for its owners. It also provides more privacy and space when compared with other styles of residential houses. And most importantly, single-family homes are relatively cheaper than other options available at present.

2) Single-Family Semi-Detached House

The key difference between single-family semi-detached houses and single-family detached ones is that the former is closer to the neighbor than the latter. These structures are usually located within walking distance to neighbors and offer more convenience, especially for busy families who need to run errands quickly. In addition, they tend to have fewer rooms since they are smaller in size. They may cost slightly more than the others, but their affordability could make up for that small difference.

3) Townhouse / Row Houses

Townhouses are typically found in neighborhoods where people live side by side. This means that every unit takes up an entire row on the street. For example, in some communities, each home is two units wide while others are three or four units wide. Sometimes,  builders construct townhouses in blocks.

Townhouses require less maintenance than other types of  residential design because they have fewer exposed parts. They are generally easier to renovate since each unit does not have much surface area. However, like single-family detached houses, they do not provide much privacy.

4) Condominium Houses

Condominium houses are very similar to townhouses, except that they are divided into multiple separate flats instead of being linked together. You can rent out these multi-unit buildings as apartments or sell as condominiums. Unlike townships, condos don’t involve any shared walls or flooring.

Each owner has their own entrance door and private balcony. Owners of condos are responsible for paying common charges such as common area maintenance expenses, utilities, taxes, repairs, etc. Each condo building must follow specific rules and regulations set by local authorities.

5) Mobile Home

Mobile homes are unique in so many ways. First, mobile homes need special permits before installation. Secondly, unlike manufactured housing – which needs a permanent frame – mobile homes are actually built off of trailers (trucks). When looking for a new home, it should always come with a good warranty. Some manufacturers even help customers repair certain issues that might arise after purchase. Because of its mobility, this residential style is ideal for those living in rural or coastal areas.

There are different types of mobile homes – park model and trailer mount. Park models consist of permanently installed modules (bases) with floors that you can easily take apart. But trailer mounts are built onto flatbed trucks.

6) Vacation Homes

Most vacation homes have enough room inside for visitors and still give them their own privacy. Usually, these properties will include full kitchens, bathrooms, laundry facilities, and lots of space to relax.

Vacation homes are mostly close to the beach, mountains, rivers, lakes, and parks. There are even luxury resort homes that feature gourmet kitchens and amazing amenities.


When choosing residential houses that will fit your budget and lifestyle, you should weigh all the features and benefits of various types of residential design to find the one that suits your preferences best. Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for residential house plans. Choosing the right houses is the first step in creating great designs and layouts!


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