What Every Remodeling Company Needs In 2020

This spring and summer will be the ripe time for homeowners to begin following through with their home reconstruction plans. For any remodeling company that is worth its weight in salt, this is the best time to implement some new changes that will modernize how it operates. Customers are looking for more and more complex remodeling capabilities, with lesser cost but with timely planning and finishing of the projects they pay for. This puts an enormous demand for remodeling companies, especially smaller traders that have limited resources, manpower, and industry knowledge. In 2020, the lockdown of the Coronavirus has shocked the economy but we’re expected to see either a V-shape or U-shape recovery. Thus, you should be ready to beat your rivals by offering better solutions to customers.

Construction scheduling software

When you first start a project, it goes from being murky to crystal clear and then back to murky again. You arrive on the scene, whether it’s a residential home, commercial office building or retail park, and you learn as much as you can. Then you make a blueprint of what actions you need to take and slowly set to work. After a week or so when things get going, you’re going to start uncovering hidden problems that you didn’t know about or expect. Your work is now in danger of falling behind and this could extend your project completion time and cause relationships to fracture.

This is why you need construction scheduling software such as buildertrend. This project management tool, specifically designed for construction companies, has task management, to-do lists, the ability to store documents and photos for quick access, send messages to others involved in the project using the same software, warranty, plan markup and of course, scheduling of all tasks and projects. This gives teams a greater level of autonomy, so you don’t need to be on their back, telling them what to do and making sure they’ve done it. It also gives managers and the boss, a lot more control over different tasks and easier allocation.

Procore is another such scheduling software, with incredibly detailed floor plans, task, and project scheduling, and well as team management features. With unlimited users and unlimited data, this is scheduling software that’s great for large-scale projects. You may also connect other applications to the software, so you can mix and match to your suitability.

Shaping crucial policies

Health and safety is by far the most critical policy area of any construction business. It’s a dangerous industry by its very nature, so when it comes to remodeling a house or a building, you need to set safety standards that are simple to understand. Using a safety and loss prevention service such as Employeradvantage.com, you gain valuable insight into how such policies are formulated. Firstly, they have health and safety training services as well as compliance programs. This allows managers and company owners to understand the modern safety standards for modern equipment but also, how they can look after their employees and indeed the public when working.

Most importantly, they develop a safety manual with you. This entails working closely with the company, to understand what it deals with on a day-to-day basis. Their safety engineers create policies and procedures that maximize profitability and injury prevention. This is crucial for construction businesses that have extremely tight deadlines and need all the manpower they can retain. They make safety manuals for equipment that they use as well as the smaller things like individual protective equipment. Hazard assessments and the forming of and or approval from safety committees are also covered in their service.

Working with industry experts

Effective networking is the construction industry could be the difference between cutting weeks of a job’s time period or not being able to even start a project. Every remodeling company needs to have great contacts with surveyors, inspectors, real estate agents, and local authorities. Establishing long-lasting relationships takes time but if you had the phone number of a trusted surveyor on speed-dial, you could begin a project within days instead of weeks.

Working with industry experts is therefore paramount to the success and profit margin of your business. Go to industry events and do a couple of things to get your name out there. Set up a booth or stall, showcasing projects you’ve done in the past. Get some incredible aerial drone shots to show the true scale of what you have done. You should also give speeches or engage in conference debates about things you’re personally interested in or your business does on a regular basis. This will get industry experts to stand up and take notice of who you are. Slowly but surely, you’ll be able to connect with agencies and form a rapport to work together on future projects.

Effective chain supply management

Due to the lockdown that is due to the novel Coronavirus, we have seen a systematic shock to the supply chain system, globally-speaking. So many companies have realized that they cannot and should never have pinned their hopes on one country; namely China. Now that lockdown has stopped mass travel from being continued, we are seeing a shift taking place.

It’s wiser to source locally and try to buy from the domestic market, before venturing further afield. Materials, such as concrete, wood, and steel are usually not a problem to find, but it’s modern and contemporary materials like tempered glass, ceramic tiles, marble countertops, synthetic anti-allergy carpets and foam ceiling tiles that are usually bought at a cheaper foreign price. What this can do is, leave the local economy without the skills to produce these sorts of things and thus, rely on supply chains that stretch quite literally, thousands of miles.

Effective supply chain management in 2020, will mean going back to the basics. You need to forge links with local clients, consider what your domestic options are for mass procurement, and indeed, high-quality niche product and material purchases too.

A finger on the pulse

The modern home is now in the process of changing quite rapidly. What we’re seeing now is, solar panels being fitted as standard onto new homes and those that are remodeling, should be given this choice as well. As a remodeling company, you need to give your clients contemporary options that are both practical and stylish. Solar panels, rainwater tanks, better insulation, better roof designs, and things like balconies for plants and flowers, are all things you should be knowledgeable enough to offer your customers.

Tesla is doing new solar panel tiles that fit just like regular roof tiles and from afar don’t make it obvious that they are indeed green energy solutions. This is something that you should be researching into. You should also look to maximize space using thinner walls but denser and stronger materials, such as new concrete mixtures. Keeping a finger on the pulse regarding which way the industry is moving, utilizing modern materials and solutions, will allow your business to keep up with the demand customers have for the latest home design features.

This will also allow you to train your employees up to the new standard. Take a look at various contemporary construction training programs that teach companies how to fit and repair solar panels, how to create open spaces without jeopardizing the structural integrity and how to design features such as staircases to be stylish yet strong.

Remodeling in 2020 is great fun, it’s an industry that is continuously on the rise. However, for your company, you must put in place valuable safety and compliance policies for the benefit of your employees.