In these modern times, there are so many ways we can keep in contact with our friends, family, and colleagues. Messenger apps have become more popular because of how easy they are to message people from all across the globe. From Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp, to WeChat, to Viber, and so many more others, you can choose several messenger apps that best fit your messaging needs. If you choose not to have a social media account to lessen the “need” to update your profile every now and then, going for messenger apps is the way to go!

Not only are messenger apps more convenient, because all you need to do is bring a portable device to call anytime and anywhere, but they can also save you tons of money. Back then, if you had to make a phone call overseas, they would take a toll on your phone bill. However, with messenger apps, as long as you’re connected to unlimited wireless internet, then you can make as many calls without worrying about extra charges. Also, compared to sending letters back in the day, messenger apps are instant. The moment a sender sends a message, the recipient will receive the message instantly. You can also reply with images of GIFs and insert emoticons on emojis, which can add a bit of excitement and fun to a conversation.

Introducing Discord

In this article, we’ll be introducing you to Discord. Now you might be wondering, what is Discord, exactly? It’s actually quite similar to other messaging apps because you can easily send a text message to your contacts. Making calls and doing voice chats is also available in the app. The basics of the messaging app are there where you can also share links, videos, images, music, and so much more! But what sets it apart from the usual messenger apps is that it has services that have different text channels where you can talk to other people who aren’t in your contacts list. Text channels have different topics which basically acts like a group forum for you to talk about your interests with one another. You can even send voice chat messages with other people through the voice channels.

You can join voice channels on the Discord app free of charge, and you can also create your own server that will be dedicated to a topic of your choice to gain more information about your chosen topic, as well as friends to talk about it with. You’ll be able to find many different services on Discord, whatever topic of interest it is, it will more than likely be available there. Discord is especially helpful with video games since video games make up the majority of the most popular servers on the messenger app.

Joining servers

If you’re looking for a specific server on Discord, you can just search google with the keywords “ Discord” to find the server with your chosen topic or discussion. Discord also has a search engine of its own, but for the most part, you would only be able to find the popular servers. Googling a server will be able to give you all the trackers, not just the most joined or popular ones available.

Connecting other apps to Discord

You can easily share your favorite music on Spotify and YouTube videos to other users on discord by connecting them to Discord. This makes it easier for you to engage in a more interesting conversation with other users by sharing with them your interests and likes. Topics for discussion on music and videos are definitely going to help your conversations be more exciting. You’ll also be happy to know that Discord has an app available for desktops so that you can use the app on any device, even while you’re playing a game.

Why try Discord?

So, with all that we’ve mentioned above, are you still not convinced why you should Discord? Well, let’s go into it more.

Free and easy to access

We’ve mentioned that Discord has a desktop version, too. This makes the app accessible to any device of your choice. Discord is free to use as well, but if you do choose to have an upgraded version, then you can get “Discord Nitro” which has more features you can access.


Discord’s selling point is its servers and text channels. We’ve mentioned that you can join or create channels to your liking. It’s a great way to make new connections and find out more interesting things about the topics of your choice.


Whether it’s for video games where you want other users to see your gameplay or technique, or just something you’d like to share, screen-sharing is very useful. You can easily give instructions to a particular activity with other users.

Minimal data usage

Unlike other messenger apps that take up a lot of data, Discord takes up less than 60MB with three hours of usage for audio calls. It still gives you optimal service without the need to use whopping internet speed. So, if you don’t have access to unlimited Wi-Fi, no worries!

Go for it!

Gone are the days that you had to use the telephone to call your friends or relatives. All you need now is a good internet connection to make a decent phone call.  Discord isn’t just for gamers (even if most channels are about video games) but for anyone who wants to engage with other users with similar interests. We’ve mentioned all the awesome things about discord which can help you find new people to talk with that share the same likings as you do. It’s a great messenger app that not only lets you do the usual audio and video calls but has other features that make chatting more engaging and exciting.

So now that we’ve covered the awesome things about Discord, we hope it helps you in making your messaging activity more fun, easy, and get access to features that other apps don’t have. Why not try Discord out for yourself? You definitely won’t regret it!