If you’re going to be spending more time outdoors, whether you’re planning for a hangout, exercising, or cooking, it is essential to note the latest outdoor design trends. Decks, patios, and backyards evolve into well-equipped and comfortable home extensions that you should pay more attention to.

Best Outdoor Design Trends

The current outdoor design trends are centered around making the porch, backyard, and balcony a part of your daily life. Here are the top 10 outdoor design trends of 2021.

1. Outdoor kitchen

Cooking is a daily activity that has become even more popular. The recent trend among homemakers in 2021 is the creation of outdoor kitchens. However, there are several outdoor kitchen types available, including satellite kitchens and independent kitchens.

Satellite kitchen gives extra cooking elements such as pizza and grill ovens to supplement the interior kitchen. It is usually outside the door of the interior kitchen for convenience.

The independent kitchen includes a sink, storage, prep space, refrigerator, and cooking elements and can meet almost all cooking needs even though it is outdoor.  The outdoor kitchen design is often influenced by factors such as space, budget, and climate.

2. Edible gardens

This is a trend that started during the pandemic. While people had their different motivations for doing it, it has now become an outdoor design trend. An advantage of edible gardening is that it supplements pantries with herbs, vegetables, and homegrown fruits. One edible garden focuses on foods that can boost overall health, such as tomatoes which helps the immune system to remain healthy. Another one features vegetables for vegan dishes and is fuelled partially by increased animal welfare and climate change consciousness.

Edible Garden

3. Broken plan layouts

People learned quickly during the pandemic that open floor plan homes aren’t very appealing when everybody has to be indoors all day. The same goes for outdoor spaces too. So it’s becoming necessary to create designated outdoor areas as it is with indoor spaces. Unfortunately, this has led to the rising popularity of broken plan layouts.

The good thing is that it’s easy to build a different layout for backyards and patios. You can take inspiration from the interior layout of your home. For example, you could try mixing and matching chairs that match outdoor dining sets to create an indoor experience outdoors.

4. Multipurpose furniture

Entertainment wasn’t an attraction in 2020, so outdoor furniture has evolved in a way that accommodates both social gatherings and everyday living. Furniture design is no longer about style alone but how people live. Furniture pieces are now designed for multiple purposes and are versatile such that they can be used in different types of space and settings.

5. Privacy and protection structures

An increase in outdoor activity means an increase in the need for shelter, shade, and privacy from outdoor elements. It doesn’t matter what the setting is or what you are going to be doing in it. You can get the protection you need from a mixture of hardscaping, landscaping, and furniture.

There are several ways to make your outdoor space more private. For example, you can use an outdoor screen if it doesn’t have an overhead structure or outdoor drapery panels if it has. You can also create plant walls if you have a border that you can paint.

6. Outdoor speakers

It may be a portable Bluetooth speaker or a hardwired system, but the fact remains that outdoor speakers are now a trend everywhere. Music has always helped to create ambiance, and this is why these speakers are becoming popular. You are likely going to see them in almost all gatherings this summer. This will include late-night loud music, which is indicative of the summer season.

7. Firepits

This trend started last year, with many retailers selling out, and is still going strong. Whether free-standing or built-in, these accessories have become very popular and are an excellent way to meet in groups and reunite with family and friends.

Fire pits are gathering spots that became popular during the summer of last year as friends and neighbors become reacquainted after spending most of the year in isolation.


8. Outdoor rugs

One of the biggest trends in outdoor design brings indoor elements outdoors, and one of the most prominent examples of this is outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs are suitable for styling the outdoor space, and they bring familiarity and texture to the outdoor environment.

Make sure you are using a rug that will not fade under sunlight, is easy to clean, and can deal with heavy foot traffic and high moisture. These are what makes it ideal for outdoor usage.

9. Outdoor technology

As we’re incorporating outdoor into our daily lives, we are also looking to incorporate technologies that fit into the outdoor space. For example, many people have to use boosters to amplify their Wi-Fi signal as they indulge in activities such as movie streaming in the outdoor environment.

There’s an increasing demand for outdoor work surfaces. However, the biggest outdoor technology requests are incorporating televisions and music.

10. Social front yards

The newest addition to the outdoor design is social front yards. Unlike before, when it was there for curb appeal, there’s further use for the front yard space. People are making the most of it and creating a new ‘outdoor room.’

Using the front yard to create a living space outdoor is more than maximizing space. It is also used to welcome others in the community. The pandemic has increased the desire for people to connect with others even more, with social distancing and others being a barrier. Social front yards now help people maintain their connections with people while maintaining safety measures too.


The outdoor lifestyle is becoming very popular, and it’s not hard to say why. With the pandemic forcing us to stay indoors for almost a year, it is understandable that people now want to spend more time outdoors than indoors. In case you need any assistance with your outdoor design, feel free to contact us.


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