Are you lucky enough to have a balcony in your home? They can be magical places that allow you breathtaking views of surrounding city landscapes, countryside, or coastal beauty, from the comfort of your own home. Apartment dwellers rejoice! Your balcony could become the most-loved feature of your home if you invest some time into making it a cozy spot to relax. Since your balcony is likely exposed to the elements, it could well be in need of some tender loving care. Balcony design and refurbishment is a growing sector, with plenty of inspiration around! You can ask architectural designers to bring your ideas into a reality.

Basic balcony design

For starters, take a look at ‘Girl & The Word’. Anh Lin has set up a website and an Instagram account with over 185k followers. She specializes in cozy home design and dedicates a lot of her posts to balconies.

Anh’s balcony makeovers can show you exactly how beautiful your balcony has the potential to be!

If you don’t feel like watching the videos, she has posted imagery of some of the most important components of a cozy balcony:

  • A comfortable seat, with cushions. Extra points if it fits more than one person!
  • A wooden lampshade that gives off cozy lighting
  • Shelves for plants, along with plant food and watering cans to help them stay healthy
  • Plenty of pots

She even details how she designed her stunning Christmas balcony, featuring an abundance of fairy lights.

Christmas Balcony Design

Source: Pinterest – Anh Lin – @girlandtheword

Adding a fold-away table is a cute way to save space on your balcony. As seen in the below image, it gives you a focal point where you can sip your favorite cool beverage as the sunsets.

Not only that, but it takes up so little space that you can still enjoy lounging around on your balcony when the table isn’t in use.

Handy fold-away table

Handy fold-away table. Image source:


In terms of the entrance to your balcony, you cannot go too far wrong with some floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Not only do they do a great job of making your balcony feel more spacious, but they also let so much natural light into your home.

With glass windows, even sitting near the balcony makes it feel as if you are sitting outdoors. Plus, you get to enjoy the views from the inside!

Stunning Glass Windows

Stunning glass windows. Image source: